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This was so fun to play!!! omnomnomnomnom

I held out for 301 seconds! Wish I had a mouse, would have been easier than touchpad madness

Yeah I used the pc version! I couldn't get too far because I kept dying in very stupid ways, like jumping and freezing myself right in front of the enemies... But I liked the thrust animation, it was super fun! Flying yey!

Two things that would make the game way more enjoyable are:

-A revised movement code, because jumping is kind of buggy, if I keep my finger on the up arrow then release it the character jumps again. The problem might be that you're making the character jump on key down AND on key release?

-A lives system or maybe a checkpoint system because having to redo all the level when I die this often was a bit frustrating :(

Thank you !! I'm glad you took the time to discover their personnalities :D

We'll make the next version more gameplay-rich, promise.

Nice drawings!!! I like the style and little power up monsters. And the ctrl mechanic is an interesting one, I've never seen it before!

That's great feedback, thank you <3 we know about how lacking the gameplay is, sadly we had to make a lot of compromises to get it working in time for the jam. Think of it as a first draft :D I hope you stay tuned for next versions !!

Really good movement you got there!! And nice art, too. Good job!!

Very nice message, thank you for being such a supportive person <3

So adorable AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! The tone was so sweet and light!!!



That is so sweet. I really love your interpretation of this being her writing her inner turmoil in her notebook, so cool!!

Fun fact: The monsters are different from each other and have different dialogue. Which dialogue gets thrown at you is random though. Can you guess which monster is what?

Also, there's a bonus monster if you don't call for your friends four times, it's Loneliness :D

We made it so someone playing normally can't lose easily, but there's ways to lose against the monsters hehe

Sorry for going on a rant, your response just made me so giddy! Promise: In V2, we'll draw green's dogo.

You can count on that :DD the positive response from you people got us so hyped up for making it even better!

I am so happy it had a positive impact !! You can definitely interpret it as being made for you, it's canon now :D

I was kind of worried generally of handling the subject of mental health clumsily, since it's such a different thing for each person. That it resonates with some people is what makes it worthwhile!

Thank you.

I like this, it was very interesting! Also very creative. It felt like an interactive book.

The only suggestion I can offer is making the feather faster! 

I liked the poem at the end, too. It brought it together in a nice little bow.

Good job all over ! :D It's a fun puzzle game

Beautiful lighting, art, story, music <3 I couldn't finish because of that one tight passage, I look forward to the next version, I'm invested in these lanterns!!!

Super adorable art and concept!!! I need to get a friend to do this with me!!

The art is very nice! And the game is so funny, the villains so villainous ... ESPECIALLY JEROME

I love it. Thank you for the good time :D


That is so lovely to hear!!!! We do plan on a second version with more strategy and interaction!!

(And maybe someday other games about the friends!!)

Omori is such a cool game so I feel flattered hehe

Thank you!


Alright I finished it (I had forgotten about the hammer it's funny)

I love the concept!! I kind of wish movement was faster / holding down the movement buttons worked instead of spamming the button, because it took a lot of work making the words. But at the same time that kind of works as a metaphor for how much work and care love needs and how hard communication is? Am I seeing too much into this?

Anyway, great job for a first game!! Also, the music is nice and soft, it didn't get repetitive so that's a plus!!

I liked the art a lot! Got a bit confused at the controls but it was fun anyway :D

Pretty fun!! kind of wish i had a friend to play it with at the same time!

This was fun! I liked the little characters, they were very cute, and the puzzles weren't too hard!

So adorable. It feels like a love letter in a game. Is it a love letter in a game?? omg

Sadly got stuck at the bridge part, and the hints weren't enough :c broke the tree but couldn't break the bricks to get the letters I needed for a bridge!! 

We'll keep your advice in mind, thank you! And thank you for giving the game your time and attention, it makes me so happy that it made you feel some emotions!!

Very cute pixel art!! And fun, interesting levels, nice job!

I noticed you already knew about the player sticking to walls. There's also jumping right next to a wall that has spikes on top, the spikes kill you!!

I'd also suggest adding lives, but that's just me haha

Thank you I'm happy you found it interesting :D

WHY MUST YOU BREAK MY HEART SO!!! omg! The first scene was already tragic enough, and I got attached to the goblin!!!!!!

I love it, the art is adorable, the story is great in this format! I really don't have much to say in terms of criticism, good job!

I like this game it's very well made!! No bugs as far as I can see and the art is very smooth!! I kept trying not to let any black/green friends die but I guess some sacrifices are needed for victory...

One thing I'd say is the music is okay but it gets very repetitive so it's nice that you put the mute button just in case! 

I liked playing this, and I was even happier with being able to have a cool hat!!!!

It was fun!!! A quick play, I like the fact that new monsters started appearing. Couldn't keep playing though because around 10 000 score it lags !

Great artstyle and puzzles!!! They were doable, which I appreciate a lot :D And it does echo that feeling when you're half asleep and your brain is whirring fast, solving nonsensical puzzles..

This weirdly felt like tetris, I liked it!!! Good job hehe

Cool graphics and awesome interpretation for the theme!!

If I may suggest something to improve on in the next iterations, maybe key mapping? I have an azerty keyboard so the wasd controls are really awkward for me. That or using arrows I think!

Good job, though, I'll rate this well :3

This game is absolutely adorable! Super cute art, easy to understand game mechanics! And fun! The music is also very nice and chill, but a little bit repetitive.

One suggestion would be to give visual feedback about the stronger ghosts getting hit.

Another thing was that I've got an azerty keyboard so the awd controls were kinda hard to  use (finger gymnastics), but I don't think many people will have that problem!

Anyway, good job!! :D

I like this a lot!! Wish i had a controller, but i'm sure if I play it enough i'll get the hang of it...

It was very fun!

Thank you so much!! It's our first game so we're very happy someone played it!!! And liked it!!!! :'D You have made my night hehe

Hello! It is very beautiful, and the music is charming <3

However I wasn't able to solve the first flag puzzle, so I got stuck there. :(

Hello, thank you! This is our game, I hope you like it: