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Been following the game before it got into itch.io, it is great ^^ It doesn't work in the desktop client tho!

Yes, and it is working in the client now :)

The game isnt downloading on itch client :(

Thanks for the clarification

Created a new topic Question about planets
What will be their final size? i hope you go full realism like starcitizen if you framework allows such scales!

It looks really proomising :3

No it didn't :(

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Using win 10 here, thanks for your support

Helooo, thanks game looks very nice, i am having an issue tho: http://i.imgur.com/NoPBdmI.png

I forgot to mention, i am using itch desktop client. Looks like when i launch the game from the client it starts the setup file instead of the .exe. If i manually double click the .exe the game starts with no problem.


When i try to launch the game, a prerequisite of .NET pops out but it's installation aborts at some point without warning.

I tried to install it manually from here but it gives a warning about having the same version or higher already installed.

I also tried unnistalling the existing version but no changes.

Nice! thank you so much. However i was most interested in trying the android version, did it got cancelled?

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Greetings! This game looks cool, cannot wait to try. Would be possible to separate the downloads? This blowing up my data 😦

As user i would like a creator or even partially user ran (like steam) tag system that would affect search. This could also be used as a rating system. Everyday i see new content with sensitive material, i think there is a growing need of some way filter it. This could be a way to achieve it and the search function would benefit of it.

Yes i tried i forgot to mention. Using the installer works fine.

I am trying to install the free version of the game using the icht desktop client and the game seems to download normally, problem is when i execute. Here is the error log:


I tried upgrading the client to 0.14.0 and i still have the problem. I would paste the error log of the most recent version, but the client button disappeared and i am not sure where to get it.

Greetings! nice game here :)

Since i don't know a better place to report it i will use this. I tried installing the game through the itch client but it doesn't work. I think the problem is that it doesn't get to install at all.

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Greetings! awaiting this game egerly. Good job devs o/