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I have been so excited to play this and having a ball so far! Vasilis has such good lines XD 

This was a great short game! The art style is so adorable and cutesy. I was thinking I had things figured out, but the ending still surprised me! I am looking forward to playing more of your work in the future! Amazing job!

I really enjoyed it! The art is gorgeous and the storyline is intriguing. Ren is such a giant puppy and I love him. I have only reached one ending so far but planing on hunting down the other ones! Looking forward to the full release! Thank you for all your hard work on this!

Thank you for watching! Glad I could help with the grammar a bit! I found a few more but I bet you already have them fixed with your update ^.^ I finished playing the demo and wow! I really love all the extra activities we can do! Like fishing, crafting , and quests! I am very invested in the storyline now and looking forward to the full release!

I am really enjoying the start of this! Looking forward to where this goes to! 

Thank you for translating this so we can enjoy it! The way the reveal of the truth happened slowly over as the days pasted was fantastic. I felt so sorry for them and the situation they had to be in. SO glad there was more than one ending !

I have really enjoyed playing the demo! The artwork is gorgeous, and the writing has made me giggle so much. ^.^  the idea of a date system where you can chat, touch or gift is very exciting! Quill has the best lines and even if he is a playboy, he has a chokehold on me so far! Looking forward to the full game!

I really enjoyed the demo and looking forward to where things go in the full game! Crowe is so cute!

AHH I was not expecting to fall in love with both of them! Tenebris is baby and I just wanna snuggle him!

I am a couple of hours in now and wow! The writing is so immersive and detailed I feel like I am in another world just from that! The Character design is gorgeous. I love the idea of this complete society is just living underground like a huge black market and the masks as a form of anonymity is right up my alley! I fell into the Prist's Route right away and playing on gathering as much endings as I can. 10/10 loving this game so far and excited to continue deeper into this journey in the dark

Wow! This was so intense! Adam is deranged and I love him XD The expressions were perfect and I got so invested in the backstory! Looking forward to the full game!

I love this cutie~ Such a fun short game ! I really enjoyed it and look forward to playing more of your games

Oh Wow. I just love this game so much! I love the mishmash of different styles of games, visual novel, rpgmaker. The character expressions and lines were FABULOUS and so so well done! Winnie is so baby I love him.

I really enjoyed this! I believe I must have gotten the safe route my first play through, so I play on playing through it again! it is intriguing and has a nice undertone that makes it a bit uncomfortable, so you suspect Friend has other motives. Definally looking forward to the full release!

AHh this was so amazing! I love the whole feel of it and the tension that was building up! I am excited to see where the story goes in the full version!

I have been enjoying the game! flow and chimaru's interations with each other are fun to read. I have only reached one ending so far and plan to go after the other two! Fun Little game, Recommended!

I really enjoyed it! The descriptions were perfect and painted a full picture. The eyes moving for Crypitc and Liu gave such an uncomfortable feel and I loved it! Looking forward to Day 2!

Wow, This game blew me away! I was not expecting a lot of it and it hit in in my feels. Fio and Crow are precious boys and I wanna hug them both! Thank you for another fantastic creepy game!

This is just what I needed after the emotional ending of the first game! A beautiful alternate to the story! Highly recommend for everyone!

I just finished the Demo and omg such a cliffhanger! I was enjoying myself so much I hated to see it end. I love the parts you have shared with us and very much looking forward to the full game! The whole idea of using people's phobias in experimentation is fascinating. I love all of you guys works so far (I only have Frost Bite left to go) and I look forward to the future!

Ah, glad you like it. ^.^ I planning on playing as much as I can of the game and get all the routes. I hope more people discover your game and come to play for themselves ((BTW Chandly is precious )) Have a good evening and I hope to see more from you guys in the future <3

Oh I am really enjoying this so far! The interactions are all enjoyable and the idea is fantastic! I am looking forward to finishing all the routes!

Wow! I only had time for one ending at the time of playing but plan on going back to find the others! Such an Unique idea and the creep factor was high for me ( I may never go swimming in a lake again...} 

Wow. This game had been on my to play list for a while now and now I am upset I didn't play it sooner! I really enjoyed it and was close to bawling by the end. Amazing story telling and world building 100/10 

I enjoyed this cute little game and amazed all of it was done in just 24 hours! Thank you so much for this sweet little game!

I enjoyed the Demo so much! I have so many questions about what is going on and am excited to discover more when the full game is released. 

I am so glad I played Sins First! It is so fun seeing the other side of the coin and seeing what Sameal was thinking and his mental issues! I have just dived in and still playing but I am loving it so far! very well written and makes me eager to continue playing!

Thank you! I was only missing the Cafeteria puzzle! I can't believe I was so close the end. I really enjoyed it and look for ward to the full game! I will link my let's play when it is posted  XD

I really enjoyed it! As his sins got darker, I became more worried. I managed to get the darkest ending first XD Weirdly, I never saw the hints pop up but I got all 4 endings anyway. Thank you for the game! 

I am Loving it so far but I am stuck! After chase with Moth and Randall doesnt want to go back in floor 2, I cant figure out what to do. I went to every room on 3rd and 1st floor. Please help. I want to finish the Demo

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I really Enjoyed this game! The writing for the characters was perfect and make the game even more charming. The puzzles were nice, not too hard but made you think a bit. 10/10 Recommend!  Here is part one of my playthrough. 

I defiently will!  I plan on playing Sophia next. Have a great day!

Thank you! I did finally beat the chase part (you always give me a hard time in those, but I love it) and went on the finish the game with the other endings. I must say, I absolute loved it! the writing was suburb, especially Aiden's lines.  And THAT one ending was unexpected and is gonna stick with me! I will Link my Le'ts Play up when it goes live in a few days. Thank you for another amazing experiance!

ok. when I die in the linda chase and it switches to adien I can not move or do anything. is this a bug or did i mess up? 

This demo is very intriguing and I look forward to the full game! It kept making me rethink my theories and I love that in a game.  Devyn"s expressions and art is great!

I kept seeing art of Maison everywhere and I became curious. I really enjoyed this game! he is just the right amount of creepy and I love the reveal of what he is! (besides uncanny valley's #1 Realtor that is!) I also lost my mind when my new child John Doe appeared! Overall, amazing and I plan on playing more purpleverse games

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I just played it and I loved it! I found about 8 endings so far. I love the character designs and the writing was great. I laughed at several points and others tugged on heartstrings. I only found one typo and a little glitch that the game used opposite gender than I selected. overall amazing job! 

I love John Doe so much!  Yes he is a stalker but he is still adorable! I had so much fun playing this and finding all the endings!

I really enjoyed this game! Perfect amounts of mystery, puzzles and horror! I do run into a bug but I was playing an older version of the game and the bug has been fixed now. I recommend people to play this fun little gem for themselves! 

This was so fluffy and adorable! I absolutely loved every minute of it! thank you so much for sharing this gem with us! You nailed Draken and Mikey's personalities as well