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GrowthRPG V0.4.0 | Trell

After you kill the lich once, just walk up the tank behind it and interact with it.

Honestly, it adds that much more to grounding the story in the believable. Could not be anymore excited to see what comes next!

Ah right, changelogs.

You can use TAB to open and close the inventory, you can also use Esc to close any menu.

0.3.8 for public, 0.3.9 for patreons.

Stance changes with your response to before every battle, the game takes the most used response as the stat for which stance to use.

Top one is aggressive, middle one is neutral and bottom one is passive.

Ego is a "hidden" stat that increases the size of genitals.

What a lovely read this was!

Though I do have to ask, is this still being worked on? Been a few months without an update and all.

Omg, I think I'm in love

I just noticed it from the cover art but......are those crocs he's wearing?

Yikes fam, hopefully everything goes smoothly for ya going forward!

Just explore the dungeons and sell whatever metals you get.

Upgrade your equipment, each one has a rating (ranging from D to A, with A being the best).

You can run this with a 2gb graphics card, although you will get some lag in very specific parts, nothing that can't be dealt with.

Just use the anvil behind the blacksmith, ability crystals give the most xp to your weapons. Although it'll take a lot of them to fully max out an equipment (past 100).

What the title says, just so people can know it somehow.

Oh, think you meant July there instead of June lol.

Can't wait to read it tho!

Seems to be, we'll have to wait for an update on this issue.

Seems you were just running out of memory then, glad you found a workaround for it.


You can use something like 7zip for that.

Did you extract the game from the zip archive? Never seen an error like that.

Just use your intuition for each choice. If you go against a character's values or motives, it'll usually lower their relationship, so just be nice to them overall and you'll get high points with most.

You're probably looking towards the mountain tops, those also cause my PC (yes, PC) to lag like crazy as well. Best way to deal with it is to keep yourself not too large (around the size of a house or something) or not look towards that direction for now until it's fixed.

Hmm, fair.

Oh well, cya next month

Old saves have a tendency of producing issues in these early version, future versions might have this fixed.

For now, I recommend starting over with each new version.

The bosses you can recruit are: the dragon on the ravine, the mad chimera on the docks, the growth cultist next to the ravine and the Bushido on the tunnel.

Interacting with them again will produce the prompt to turn them into a follower.

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You can only use attacks and skills while in battle, the buttons to press to use them are always on display.

It's an unlockable skill on the far right, costs 20 points.

The easy dungeon (next to the lich cave) is where you'll find them.

My god, this is probably one of my favorite demos I've ever played. I cannot wait to get my hands on the full game!

  • you can get ability crystals from dungeons, those give you 5 points per use.
  • Beast is a repeatable boss type character, meaning they get stronger after each fight but you cannot get them as followers, this applies to Bandit leader and Lich as well.
  • Followers only level up if they're following you into fights. they won't ever shrink unless you reset their levels with Plush.
  • there's a "scaling" menu on the Character tab, you can change how much your stats can affect your size (do keep in mind that it is cosmetic in nature, not meant to affect your actual stats)
  • abilities that make you bigger/stronger while in battle are temporary effects, they'll reset when a battle ends (there's a bug that can lead you to retaining your temporary stats tho)

clicking the mouse wheel while in battle will change the camera mode.

Hey, you still got it bud. Keep it up :)

It's PC only atm, so yes.

Yes, tho there have been reports of bugs with the second save crashing the game.

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The free one is one version behind the Patreon one bud, what are you going on about?

Doing the apothecarist quest will unlock a potion for purchase that increases the size of both, you can get the quest by going to the board close to the entrance of the town.

Read the FAQ at the bottom of the description.

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Hey Digital, could you possibly offer an alternate download link?

The game can't be installed through the app and itch tends to limit download speeds anyways, would be great to have a higher download speed than 200kb/s.