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Yeah, I'm trying to fix it :|

Thanks :D

Yeah, KingDev has told me about a possible solution, but I haven't gotten around to try it! Thank you!

It does make sense, gonna try it! (Not right now tho cuz I'm busy)

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PLEASE tell me :p

Could you tell me what happened? Like, what file you tried to delete, or what did you do before deleting it? It would help me track down the bug.

DISCLAIMER: WebGL Build DOES run I think but it takes a lot bc of a bug I think, or it may be because it loads all textures as 2048x2048? Idk

a really strange and absurd one, that's for sure

Cool! Gonna use it for my mod!

Finally got what the error is. It seems that your browser may not support the version of WebGL used to export this game. That, or it could be that this is the first game that was made with Unity that you tried to play from the browser, and your browser doesn't suport WebGL at all.

What hole? You mean the gap between the gate and the next zone? That is on purpose. What was not made on purpose is that when you stand on the borders of the roads, they don't work as floor. Don't ask me why.

You can get 7-Zip and install it. After that, you'll be able to extract plenty of compressed files, including .rar files.

Nice game! Would be cool if the game had a song in the main menu and the you win screen.

Also, something I personally don't like (don't worry, I won'w rate lower for this) is that with max attack, you take like 7-10 hits for the tanks. I think it should be reduced to something like 3-5.

But, taking out that, nice game!


Algo I got massacred by red bois that's why I don't haver a higher score

I can't believe I forgot that! Gonna add it after the jam.

SUPER ADDICTING. My score says it: 34735.

Thank you for playing :D

Thanks for the words! And also, that's a really good idea! I'm gonna implement it after the jam is over.

Thank you!


Would love if you rated my game! It's a game where you have to form a crowd to destroy barriers. Also don't jump when you are walking on roads because they are bugged and they won't let you jump on the edges.


If you find any bug please comment it so I can fix it ASAP after the jam!

Nice graphics, art, sond effects, music, and gameplay!

It would be cool if you had some kind of button to make all the zombies go around the main one, because sometimes when a zombie gets stuck it won't be able to get back to the horde.

Besides from that, really cool game!

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Nice concept! Graphics are good, and music too!

Would be nice if you provided a WebGL build (also called HTML5 build) so people could test your game without having to download it.

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Cool game! I like it's core mechanic, pretty engaging!

Music is nice, and the graphics too, though I noticed something: the characters in the buy section don't fit the art style. 

Something I would have liked is that the game had some kind of "Success" sound effect.

Aside from that, really cool game!

Thank you! I'm really happy that you enjoyed playing!

Also I'm gonna play ur game rn

How strange. I'll try to see what is causing that error and fix it ASAP!

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I just tested it and I see the problem: the road decorations don't act like floor, when they should. Try to jump from the grass instead and see if it works.

Could you tell me the specific errors you got?

And also, I'll be uploading a Windows build if possible (I don't really know if I can since this is my first Brackeys Jam).

Try to make the strong and ger jump at the same time when they are both in the portal, that worked for me.

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Follows the theme in a good way, the gameplay is nice, new mechanics are introduced really good, good music, good art. Overall, nice game!

Though I have found something that I don't like personally and that is that the cube is a bit slidy and in the last level it complicates it a bit more, but that's just me.

Gráficos buenos, bien pulido y buena temática xD

Aunque, soy yo o no tiene sonido? Porque acá no me suena xD

No problem!

Well, you could create two more axis which contain the w-s and the a-d keys, and leave the default ones just with the arrow keys.

No problem!

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So you want to detect if both tags are colliding with a specific object?

If that is want you want, you could add a script to that specific object and add a OnCollisionEnter or OnTriggerEnter (2D or 3D, depending on what you want to do), and check for both tags. 

I'd recommend creating two bools: one for a, and one for b, and then setting them on when they collide with the object.

Then in Update() add an if that checks if both bools are on, and then do what you want to do when those 2 objects collide with the specificobject.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: Also, OnTrigger is for colliders with "Is Trigger" on, and OnCollision is for coliders with "Is Trigger" off.

You have Enter, Stay, and Exit which I think are pretty self-explanatory, but just in case:

(the object = object that the script is attached to)

Enter: Used to detect when a object collides with the object.

Stay: Used to detect if an object is still collisioning with the object.

Exit: Used to detect when an object stops colliding with the object.


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(Installing a newer version)

Thanks to y'all for helping me! Good luck with the jam!

That's what I'm doing right now, I'm installing a newer version. Hope it works :|