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Hey, thanks for playing! Nothing happens. It's just a small joke game about standing in an elevator meant to mask a loading screen like in games like Mass Effect. :)

A score at the end is a really good idea! I hadn’t thought of that at all and now I wish I had. To be honest though I’m still learning bitsy and haven’t even attempted variables or item menu functionality yet. I’ll have to pull up some tutorials soon. 

Thanks for playing :) 

Really relate to this one. Nice work! ^.^

I didn't get a chance to participate in the beta so I don't know if any of this is addressed or planned, but I have some thoughts.

Some way to visualize multiple rooms at once, so that I can more directly see where my exits and endings are leading the player would be really useful. Yeah, this is already shown in the endings and exits tab, but being able to see multiple rooms, even if it was just a few at a time, would be very useful to a person like me who sometimes has a hard time visually connecting things in rooms I'm no longer looking at. Kind of as an extension to this: the ability to "stack" bitsy windows might be useful in this regard. Instead of just placing colors next to paint, next to the room editor, etc, you could put paint underneath colors or have download tool resting over the game data window. This kind of organizational grid setup would allow users to further customize their bitsy workflow and, for me anyway, would limit the amount of time I spend opening and closing tools and manipulating a scroll bar.

Finally, dark mode please. I am a vampire. The cozy blue background is very nice, but sometimes causes me eye strain.

Maybe these things fall more in line with a module/extension that someone could make later on, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask!

Keep up the incredible work. I legitimately don't think I'd have gotten as passionate about making things again if it weren't for bitsy. I'm very excited for whatever the future holds for this project.

Feel free to display the game! Thank you for playing. :)

I love the artwork in this! A very good haiku too.

Thank you!!

Uhh. This is amazing? I love this. 

I did it. It's unfinished trash, but I did it. WOO!

Very cool. Can't wait to play more. 

oh cool! Someone else is also doing a cyborg parts shop game!! Mine isn’t nsfw and it’s more focused on labor stuff. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your game page because I love the concept. 

Never heard of this one. Seems really cool!!

Good suggestion. Heartbeast, who also used to do a ton of Game Maker tutorials on youtube, has a number of tutorials available for this engine now too.

Nice work! I liked the sprite work on the crew and the final objective especially. =]

I wanted to put more endings and items that gave more context to the story I was trying to tell (Luchadeer's computer in his apartment was supposed to be something you could interact with for example), but I ran out of time. D:

Glad you enjoyed it tho! :D

I like this one a lot! I agree with the others. This has the best use of an "H" button by far.

A truly spectacular nightmare. Kudos.

If my own game is any indication, I greatly appreciate luchadeer-related cyberpunk shenanigans. Nice work!