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Uhh. This is amazing? I love this. 

I did it. It's unfinished trash, but I did it. WOO!

Very cool. Can't wait to play more. 

oh cool! Someone else is also doing a cyborg parts shop game!! Mine isn’t nsfw and it’s more focused on labor stuff. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your game page because I love the concept. 

Never heard of this one. Seems really cool!!

Good suggestion. Heartbeast, who also used to do a ton of Game Maker tutorials on youtube, has a number of tutorials available for this engine now too.

Nice work! I liked the sprite work on the crew and the final objective especially. =]

I wanted to put more endings and items that gave more context to the story I was trying to tell (Luchadeer's computer in his apartment was supposed to be something you could interact with for example), but I ran out of time. D:

Glad you enjoyed it tho! :D

I like this one a lot! I agree with the others. This has the best use of an "H" button by far.

A truly spectacular nightmare. Kudos.

If my own game is any indication, I greatly appreciate luchadeer-related cyberpunk shenanigans. Nice work!