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Mind if I ask why you have a 32 bit computer still? Just curious. :)

I am not trying to be rude, but you didn't even take time to write your opinion on the game. Instead, you advertise your Youtube Channel. Not cool.

Don't give up on it, it has a bright future! :D

If this game is turned into something more than a demo, it will be amazing. Thank you for letting me play an amazing demo.

Pretty enjoyable but sadly very short. Excited to hear more!

I dislike how the recent styled horror games have truthfully ruined the feeling of fear. Real fear isn't something jumping at you, its when you're nervous to continue up the stairs or open a door which I experienced plenty of in this game. It may feel like a demo right now, but I do hope the best for the future of this game! Thank you so much for bringing shivers down my spine. :)