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if this does get read, my ideas:

  1. world generation infinite(optional)
  2. enemies(creatures that want to destroy) or rivals, to encourage competition.
  3. defense capabilities(if option 2 was picked)
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Some random ranting.The first few minutes into the game and i made a bad choice, never answer "red" as favriote colour and play at night. This is a way to give nightmares. Anyways, really great game.

Though i like it a little, you would need to have trades between settlements. It's only annoying when they ask for mussels.

2. May i have a base mod to work on? (not the base mod that comes with the game)

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Does anybody know how to do the scripting? I would like someone to give a base mod where you can edit it much more simpler. (and no, the default base mod is not easy)

Hi, I'm just curious, but did you porposely make the spawn rate for the kelp and coral further from the coastal areas? because most of the time i find them so far away from the coastal areas. It's hard to get mollusks easily. or is the mod made to be hard?