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I broke descent, 10/10

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When I played the newest version, I noticed that automated gates when placed vertically have very unexpected behaviors.

As you can see in the top row of pics, the gate made entities looked like they clipped to the wall. I think removing the extra wall parts in the gates' sprite will fix the problem.  

The second row of pics was taken after I let the game run on its own. While I'm gone,  The *powered* gate had used its leftover energy and advanced intelligence to create an invisible wall which stopped two opposing sides from murdering each other and starting a war for over 5 hours in real time!  Peace is often overlooked by many developers. Therefore, I hope that you'll implement this into other automations.

Also, counters, bear traps and turrets currently don't cost anything.

Minor suggestion: Volume Control

** Some bugs related to animals: **

- Llamas can completely prevent you from building when ridden on.

- Their incredibly thin body and high speed makes them extremely good at playing hide and seek.

- Woolies are obsessed with livestock guards sometimes.

- Also, I think that signs should appear in front of walls

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I'm having an unwanted decorative living fossil in my house. What should I do now?

Beds allow infinite cloning when used before nighttime.