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This is a really, amazingly cool game! It took me a while to figure out, so some kind of tutorial or help screen would be greatly beneficial, but once I got the hang of it, I couldn't stop playing! This is probably the only really fun rhythm game I've ever seen come out of a game jam, so great job not only getting the gameplay to feel really good, but also nailing the retro 80s aesthetic! I'd love to see more maps, beats, and there might even be a way to generate the map given a song! Anyway, I'm excited to see where this goes.

Yep, the wilderness deck RNG can get pretty bad; you're not the first person to have that experience by far. I think either being able to influence the likelihoods in that deck or having separate decks for animals, plants, and ores would improve the game in that regard.

Yeah, the balance definitely needs some work. The RNG regarding the wilderness deck is what I've gotten the most feedback on by far, so I definitely agree that some changes to that are in order.

Super cute game! Although why did you have to choose right now to make a game about sneezing on everything??? The one thing that was confusing to me was what is actually required to pick up the items; is it sneezing on them or just standing by them? Anyway, I really like the silly, original concept you guys had and this is very well executed as well, from the mechanics to the aesthetics.

Really neat game! Reminds me of bomberman, although the concept is clearly original. I'm glad I played through to the end! There were a couple levels that were especially tough; probably the one that took me longest was the one where you have five bombs you have to place, and then after that one some of them were easier. It might be worth looking into rearranging the levels to create a smoother difficulty curve, but that's not super important and I think overall the difficulty hit the right spot. It would also be helpful to just have a simple screen on the first level saying "stop the lava from reaching the heart" or something to make it immediately clear what the goal is.

The presentation in this is top-notch! The effects look really good, but the camera shake might have been just a bit extreme. I really like the detail of how the wall actually pops out a cannon and shoots back at you, rather than just reflecting the bullet. The weapon pickups were also really exciting, since you know you're getting an upgrade, but at the same time there will be more bullets to dodge. It would be nice if there were some health pickups, so that your run could keep going for longer.

Cool idea, and I like the art a lot! I played for a while but I wasn't able to get past like half of the carrots, since the game just got too hard for me to play. One cool moment I had was planning which carrots I should pick up first to make the run easier. I wasn't entirely sure what the enemies were supposed to do, since there didn't seem to be any damage or health on the player. They ended up being more of a useful tool to help slow down!

This is the cutest game I've played so far! I really like the art, and I have no idea how you got the game to look and sound this good during 48 hours! The gameplay itself is also a cool novel concept, and getting the game to recognize the patterns is impressive as well! I don't really have anything critical to say here, nice job!

I really loved the same space, different times mechanic in Titanfall and Dishonored and this was a really cool take on it! Not being able to control the time made you constantly have to juggle between challenges in both times. The art style and music were really good too! I did encounter one glitch where I died, then when I respawned the camera was broken, so I had to restart the game. No worries though since obviously game jam games are gonna have some bugs in them.

This is a super original and creative movement system! I really love the creativity that went into this, and it feels really polished! The audio and visuals are really nice as well. The music did cut out for me after the first level, but I'm sure that will be simple to fix once the rating period ends. I found the game really challenging, but I could see myself eventually getting good at this movement system after practicing for a while. Nice job!

Nice take on shoot to move! It was definitely challenging, and I wasn't able to get past the third level, but the gameplay was definitely fun and satisfying. I like the black-and-white art style, as well as the sound design. It did seem like there wasn't much reason to pick up the powerups, except maybe the vampire one which transforms the game in a really cool way!

This could be a great game to relax to! I think some calm music would really complete that experience. I loved the simple but engaging gameplay, and the visuals. It did feel a bit random regarding whether you got a good start, since the gusts of wind at the beginning could easily make you lose right away, or give you a great head start. Firing seeds as thrust was a really fun mechanic, and the decision to make them limited really puts weight on the decision to use one. I did notice a bug where after firing the last seed and essentially becoming that seed, I could repeatedly fire an unlimited number of cotton balls.

Fun idea! It was really satisfying to finally beat a tough level. The visuals, while minimal, are great at conveying necessary information, which works really well for a game like this. I eventually got stuck on level 8 I think, but I really enjoyed the levels I got to (although, the disappearing blocks did get frustrating). In some cases, you might be able to just replace disappearing blocks with sliding ones, to give a better indication of when they'll block you.

This is the only pinball game I've seen for this jam! It really takes me back to 2005, so nice job with that! The chaotic nature of the game and the randomness did get a bit frustrating at times, but definitely didn't stop the game from being fun. One thing I though was really cool was how levels were connected, and how you just hit the ball to a certain spot to advance, and then having it fall down means you go to the previous level.

Cool take on the theme! A game where your controls have bars that break is actually an idea I seriously considered doing as well. I think you did a great job implementing this idea, and the game both looks and sounds really good! The main issue I had while playing was that the game seemed to always be moving towards my demise, so it was really just a question of how long I could last before losing too many of my thrusters. Also, as a more minor suggestion, it was a bit difficult to judge my velocity, so having some slight movement to the backgrounds stars (or some foreground particles) would really help in that regard (although I realize that's unrealistic).

This is a great take on the "losing control" concept, and I could definitely see myself playing this for a long time with some expansion and balancing. I did several runs, but I only managed to find an attack ability once, and it only seemed to work one time. I think that to keep the game fun you should be able to use attacks much more frequently, since I felt pretty defenseless. Aesthetically, the game is gorgeous, and the sound design worked really well!

Pretty much agree with all the points of the person below me. I really enjoyed playing the game, but I really wish there had been an end goal that I was working towards. I got to like 20,000 points I think, then decided to just see what would happen when one of my guys died. I do really like your take on the concept, and the sounds and visuals were quite impressive as well!

The game was quite enjoyable once I figured it out! I really like the art that you made for the game, and the sound went with it really well too. Generally I haven't been the biggest fan of controls getting reversed, but I think it works pretty well in this case. It would definitely benefit from some explanation, like a tutorial or even just an instructions screen, since it was a bit hard to figure out.

This game is incredibly well polished, and looks and sounds great! I could There's tons of room to expand after the jam if you decide to, but this is an incredible slice of the core gameplay! The only real issue I had was that sometimes an enemy would spawn behind me and kill be before I had a chance to react. I wonder if there should be a radius around the player where enemies don't spawn, to prevent surprise deaths like this.

Got pretty challenging at the end! It did sometimes feel like it depended on the decisions the animals made, which weren't always predictable. I think making the game take place on a grid would help with that, as well as with placing walls precisely. One minor quality of life thing that would have been really nice would be a reset button, so I didn't have to wait for all the sheep to get eaten if I messed up (apologies if this was there and I just missed it). I've seen a lot of really great art in this jam, and your game is no exception! Well done on the visuals and audio!

I absolutely love the amount of effort that must have gone into the art for this game; it looks amazing! The music fits really well into the ambiance, and together they really create a somber tone that's especially relatable right now. I agree with what a few other people have said, that this can be a sensitive topic, but I can totally understand how having a win condition could downplay the emotions being conveyed.

Cool game! The effects and art look really nice, and the sounds are great as well! I think the mechanics might need a bit of refinement to make the game fully shine, and a bit more enemy variety would really help it. I do really like the idea of changing how your weapon aims, but the 90-degree offset does feel a bit extreme, especially since it seems like that's on about a third of the time or more.

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Definitely a cool concept! I think the biggest problem is the cooldowns, which really slow down the pace of the action. The idea of having to switch weapons really quickly could lead to some really fast-paced, frantic gameplay, so making the actual switching a lot faster and maybe giving the enemies some more varied behavior could really help to reach your experience goals, in my opinion. Also, visually, the game is really nice! I love the art, and the sound effects that are in the game work really well, but some music would really help the auditory aspect.

Took some getting used to at first, but I ended up really enjoying it, especially the last level! Would love to see more puzzles, so keep up the good work! It might be interesting to add some mechanics that depend on the replay mechanic in order to allow you to win, so that it doesn't feel like the game would be a breeze without any of the buttons.

This is a really cool idea, and I wish I could have gotten further in playing it! I found it a bit difficult (which I think was the point), but it would have been cool in my opinion to have it start off easier. Maybe one round with no curses, for example. Another interesting idea could be if curses could be helpful in some cases, but still make you more out of control, so it doesn't just feel like you're getting worse as you progress.

I really like the concept, and it was well executed as well! The game looks and sounds really nice, so congrats on getting all that done yourselves during the jam. I also appreciate the Hitchhiker's reference. It could definitely use some impact and explosion effects, and maybe some brief timeslow when you get hit, but I totally understand not having the time to do stuff like that in 48 hours.

This one took some getting used to but I ended up really liking it! I think with a bit of refinement of the mechanics this could be a really addicting game! It reminds me of matching games like 2048, but it's also got far more advanced spatial optimization. It might be helpful to make the beginning a bit more streamlined, since it took me a while to figure out what to do, as well as what the loss condition was. It also might be worth making the spawns of new buildings be dependent on moves rather than time, to enable the player to employ more strategy towards the end, instead of just frantically rushing to clear the borders. Overall, I had a ton of fun with this game so my suggestions are more minor.

I played this by myself, and then with my girlfriend. It was really fun both times, so congrats on making a game that works both for single player and coop! I think it was a bit more challenging in coop, but that might have added to the fun! Definitely reminds me of wii sports and I think it could be a great party game if expanded upon a little. Sound effects were really good too!

I love the comic-y art style, and the game mechanics were really fun and creative! It was really cool how you had the player repeat some earlier sections after getting more powers to see how they were changed, and I loved how the powers served to both help and hinder the player. One thing that might have made it a bit more enjoyable would be to reduce the amount of precision jumping and timing required, and figure out a way to make it feel more like a puzzle than just a platforming challenge, although I think for the most part the platforming focus worked as well. Great game!

I love the humor, physics-based mechanics, and silly voice lines! It's a simple concept but it works really well, and there's a surprising amount of skill involved in landing each item in your mouth. The game also feels really good with the sound effects and camera shake. It did seem to get hard all of a sudden at one point though, and I really quickly went from having an easy time to dying really quickly.

The art and music are amazing! The gameplay is really fun, and I love the unique upgrades, but the difficulty increased really quickly. I was able to make it to the fourth level, but couldn't get past that after a few tries. Nothing wrong with a difficult game of course, but I would have loved to be able to retry the level without restarting. Maybe a lives system so you don't get infinite retries, just a couple.

Thanks for playing! If you're curious, drawing an injury is basically just a lost turn. Every time you encounter a dangerous animal, a new injury is added to the wilderness deck permanently, so foraging gets less effective. By playing an oinment card, you can remove all the injuries to restore the efficiency of the wilderness deck.

The mechanic is really fun and satisfying once you figure it out! I did find the puzzles a bit easy, but that's totally understandable for a game jam (Mark actually said he prefers easy games for this). There was one case in an early level where I experienced the "left overrides right" mechanic regarding the extension lines before it was officially revealed, so I was a bit confused. The art style also looks really nice! It did feel like the UI was a bit cluttered, especially on the instructions screen, but that's reasonable given the mechanic. Nice job!

Really fun take on the rotate-the-world idea! I think the analog nature of the mechanic vs the typical 4-direction really improves the pace. I had a great time getting the hang of controlling the player's momentum as they roll and bounce through the level, and I'd love to see more of it!

Looks and feels great to play! I love the art and the music (even if the music is premade). All the levels had a good level of difficulty and built on the previous. I was a bit confused after I finished what I think is the last one, since there was no end screen and I expected the building at the end to be a final level. Also, there was one spike block in the second-to-last level that exists but didn't show up, so I died there and couldn't figure out why immediately, until I realized I couldn't place a block there.

I think the gameplay is really satisfying and fun! The only thing I had trouble figuring out was the timing of the horn, since it seems to need some lead time but keeps working after the sound ends. I was still able to figure it out pretty quickly, and while it was pretty easy, it didn't get boring. One thing you could do to add some challenge would be making the traffic lights timed, so you have to set them to green at the right time or they'll go back before you reach them. I also think the art looks really nice, so good job on making that during the jam as well!

Thanks so much for the positive feedback, and for taking the time to play all the way though! I agree that the RNG for getting ore is kind of a weak point; maybe some kind of "make it more likely to get an ore/plant/animal" card would be helpful.

This is so cute! Reminds me of that goose game a lot which is definitely not a bad thing! One thing I personally had trouble with is the tank-style controls, which would work better in an over-the-shoulder view. Very sorry about the loss of your dog!

I like the idea! It starts off simple but you quickly realize  you'll have to strategically herd the sheep to keep them under control. It would be nice if the herding worked a bit better (maybe try giving the sheep a limited turn speed, or look into flocking behavior) but it was definitely fun! I wasn't sure if there was an end goal I was trying to reach, or if it's just play-until-you-lose.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm impressed you managed to figure it out without the tutorial, I kind of thought the tutorial would be necessary given non-obvious nature of the mechanics.