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Ah ok, so you have to get to the exit yourself, not one of the clones.

Really fun! I eventually got stuck (on the second attractor level I think) but I really enjoyed it! Mechanic feels original and satisfying to use!

To be honest I don't really understand what to do. On the second level I got a clone in what I thought was the goal, but nothing happened. Haven't left a rating, but if you let me know what I'm supposed to do, I'll give it another shot.

Fun idea! I would suggest implementing vertical bouncing as well as horizontal, since it feels kind of weird when the bird hits the bottom of a platform and just kind of hovers there.

I really like games that do frantic action well, and yours certainly does! The slowed time and zoom in effects on shooting were a really nice touch. I did have some trouble with the mouse controls disorienting me a few times. It probably has something to do with the camera rolling forward or backward when moving, which makes it hard to see where you're going.

I think the method of controlling the robot works really well, and really enjoyed forming a mental map of the area! I do wish it was easier to type the commands, like shorthand two-letter abbreviations or even being able to use backspace to clear a single character instead of the whole word.

I wish I could keep playing! I love the mechanics, the aesthetics, and the calming atmosphere! I will mention that the music doesn't loop, which would definitely help cause it took me a while to figure out the first puzzle with boosters. Definitely would love to see more!

Wow, like everyone else has said, super polished and super difficult. My reflexes aren't good enough to get me past the third phase but what I was able to play I really enjoyed!

This is one of the most creative games I've seen! I don't know what it is about deciding the prompts myself as part of the game, but it made me feel so much more invested than if they were predetermined or even set in a menu. It did seem a bit finicky at times (I wasn't sure what the thresholds were for hold time exactly) but that was never a big problem. 

I have no idea how you came up with this but hey, it works! I definitely laughed when I realized what the friend is and the mechanic of the game. I can see this becoming a metroidvania where different worms give you different abilities (and maybe you only have one at a time).

Thank you! I also think trying to find shorter words adds challenge as well, so the letter counter is a nice touch.

Just finished it, and it probably took me over half an hour at least (wasn't keeping track). I really like the puzzles, but I did get frustrated at times. As others have said, I think it would benefit greatly from being constrained to a grid, to avoid needing precise finger movement, which I'm not great at. I feel like it could benefit from some sort of limited undo, but I'm not quite sure what that would look like.

Cool and original concept, and it's surprisingly challenging!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! If you're still interested in the occlusion, it has two parts: first, each wall/floor/prop compares it's y-value to yours. If it's above you, it's always hidden (with the exception of some exterior walls). The second part, for walls only, uses triggers to determine which room you're in. Each wall is assigned to a trigger volume, and if the player is inside, the wall is hidden.

I like it! The music fits really well with the tone. If you want to play a comedy-focused stealth game, here's ours: You play as a hat shop owners, but only have one hat, so every night you have to sneak into your customers' houses to steal it back.

Awesome job! Feels great to play and it's genuinely challenging! The sound effects and camera shake felt great too.

Super fun and well thought out puzzle game! I do wish the aim was easier (like always following the mouse) but that's a fairly minor issue.

I love it! Captures the style of Rick and Morty / Accounting VR really well (assuming that's what you were aiming for).

I was able to play it. I had to download both the exe and pck file.

It feels a bit too hard to control the direction you move and shoot in. This wouldn't necessarily be a huge issue, except that the AI seems to have pixel-perfect control. I also might just be bad at it.

I really like the concept and all the aesthetics of it, but it's really hard to actually keep track of all three colors, and I imagine I'd have to just memorize the sequence to be able to do the harder levels.

Really fun when the asteroids start coming more quickly and you have to be more strategic about which ones you pick up first.

Really clever idea! I can't seem to wrap my head around some of the puzzles though. It might help if the 1's you set persist after retrying, so I could make small changes and see the effects.

Thank you!

I love the silly atmosphere! I did find it hard later on as new objects got introduced without any way of telling if it's correct (since I think the words are randomized each time).

Oh yeah, that happens to everyone.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the vision cones do behave kind of weird. Could probably improve that by generating a mesh procedural by casting a bunch of rays from the viewer, but didn't have time for that.

Really fun! I like the challenge of constantly having to switch focus. Free aiming would be great but you said that's a bug so no worries.

I really like the concept and how the movement system works! I actually preferred the movement before getting the no-bounce upgrade, since it really had a great sense of momentum. I also had a problem where I wasn't able to aim in certain directions when the character was at the edge of the screen.

Yeah definitely gonna second this.  Also a nice-to-have thing would be cancelling your shot by pressing RMB or something.

I love the visuals! I think it would be helpful if I could aim with the mouse though, since it's really hard to be precise, especially with the acceleration.

Ok. You should be able to use this link for the game to show up in the jam again:

I think you can keep the citation, as long as you put a note that it contains adult themes. I don't think you need to worry about plagiarism in your title, as I believe this falls under fair use. The title is a bit too sexual, so as long as you fix that we're good.

Hey, so I think the title might be against our jam rules. Would you mind changing it? Thanks!

Hi! Sorry for the issue. I've extended the deadline to 6:00 PM so that you can still submit. Let me know if there are any more issues.

Totally up to you