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Expressed Unity

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Always and forever XD

Hahaha <3

Servers are now closed

Nice one. really simple but a pretty solid effort!

Thanks :D

loved it. good to see another multiplayer game!

Haha thanks man. Loved your game as well!

Love the gameplay,love the art style, LOVE THE CHALLENGE. completed it! Was very fun

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked it :D



Yes the game is 100% multiplayer. your best chance to find other players if there are any playing is by clicking the "Join Random" button

Haha, glad you had fun!


Very well done!

Very fun

I loved the secret mechanic for the enemys :D

WOWIE! loved it

Thanks. You where big help in the development process :D

Thank you :)


Thanks for the feedback. I got to the jam a little late so i only made the game in around 1 day but im clad you liked it :3

Thanks for the feedback!

Loved it!

Amazing, I really loved this one!

Thanks for the feedback!

Very nice work. Well done it was a fun time!

Really fun concept. Good job. I think i got a bit of the bug when i died. it did not actually kill me but the fade in and out screen animation was on loop.

Congrats on your first completed game and your first game jam entry!

Ah, no all commands only effect the bullet you shoot. so if you did

"Gravity = -1" 

when you shoot your bullet it would fall up instead of falling down.

Thank you. I am aware of the bug in the grass with jumping. What gravity are you talking about. Bullet or Player?

Yeah sadly i was kind of busy well make the game. so i just tried to get it functioning as best that i could. I only found a bug with the jumping after i finished the controller so i just needed to move on. But im glad you enjoyed the concept! 

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you, I am glad you liked it :)