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Awkwardly charming -- an entertaining concept XD

Well done all around from concept to design!  :D

Really cool concept!  When I realized the drawings were left behind by other players... well, anyway I'm the green dot on the left knee.  XD

Lol but "technically" it was only one second :P

I'll go try your game out XD

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I'm not entirely sure about other roguelikes (because I cannot think of many that move on a grid off the top of my mind), but perhaps allowing the player to hold down the arrow keys when moving would help.  That would also allow for the diagonal movement I just discovered with the mouse.  In terms of making that feel precise-- maybe think about something like pokemon's world movement?  If it was needed you could even limit controls to individual presses during combat.

I'd say the same a Koveras-- definitely one of the coolest games I've tried today!  My only complaint is that repeatedly pressing arrow keys to walk around can start to feel a little tedious when not fighting monsters (I actually really like the  strategy of the combat).  Feels like something that could be a blast to play!

Oh yes, and the sound effects and camera movement give it a rather appropriate "lumbering monster" feel.

After some trial and error, it was a lot of fun!

I should say though-- the tutorial screen is comically hard to understand until you actually get to playing.  It certainly makes sense, but only now that I worked out how to actually play the game.

Tried installing, but the game files are corrupted for some reason.

Hey thanks for your feedback!

There's definitely some general UI elements I never got around to-- for example, an indicator that clicking on the other characters basically functions like using stasis in Breath of the Wild, where it applies force every time you "push" them.  It's possible to save everyone, but it's good to know how unclear it is.

It is clear that a lot of thought was put into this games level design!  It teaches itself, feels great, and I had a lot of fun playing.  I was finding myself exciting to find out what the next power-up would do!  :D

Charming, entertaining, and unique.  I like it!  :D

I like the premise.  Very unique and sufficiently difficult.

This is well executed, especially in the area of audio feedback.  The art is appealing.  And the mix of cooking with defending makes it tense at times!  XD

Made me want to see more.  :D