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-whoa, it's rare to see this kind of thing made in Indonesia, or... maybe this is the first? XD 

-If only this gets more attention in many people here instead of the 'game' that got popular for no reason in Indonesia, you know, ML! 

-and i didn't know that otome game could fit so well with indonesian culture!

-i just can't believe you made such beautiful game! The characters, the story, and especially the artworks done here, they are so breathtaking to see! Even for an novice artist like me can't do it!

-fun fact : this reminds me a lot of the delayed version of Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel! Called 'Fate/Prototype' welp, it later became a light novel instead of VN tho, 

-and... i am an Indonesian :D 

P.S : i honestly found this accidently while i was searching for the Fate-related-things i needed for making my Fanfic Manga for Fate Franchise, lol and then a pic of 'nusantara' appeared!