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nc team means nice team...



ya thnks......

i made this to make people scaredddd

i can do it pls


u could just contact me on this account


pls contact me on discord if u r interested…

i would love to collab with u 



Hey all.. 

I'm a programmer who has worked on many projects since 3 years of professional game devlopment..... 

And now I really want to code for u....... 

I have too worked as a 2d artist.. 

Lastly I really need a team.. 

hey could U join our small team

If yes pls give ur discord

We would enjoy collabing with U 

hey, hi, hello to everyone who r reading this

I and some guys are making a cool game

in unity and c#

but for that we need a game artist and a animator 

we would love to work with u and learn from u 

the revenue the game would make would be shared among the team

feel free to ask questions

if u want 

i can share our team members creations and ""

u would enjoy collabing with us for further details 

message me on Exainz#2484

hey could u join our small team 

its a very hardworking team

we would love to make u into our team 

if u r interested msg me on Exainz#2484 


i saw ur art work

that was awesome

could u join our small team if yes 

msg me on discord Exainz#2484

hey this is our small tam of some cool guys....

we currently have a game idea to implement into reality

i have 3 years of unity and photoshop exp

i m a programmer and currently in a team to join that

just msg me on Exainz#2484 or aldebaran#9011 for more enquiries

is it a bad deal or a good game for this much price

Fine bro.......
I am ok with that... 

I made a 3d game before

Ok message on Exainz#2484 to collab

hey I need a team or a solo man to work with me and collab so that we can work more efficiently and be more productive.... games and we will work for free

I have comfortable if u R from any country or religion....

I am comfartable with unity and c# and can talk English

If u are intrested in making games with me u can talk with me on discord Exainz#2484

I would love to collab with u and make games

hey I m also a Programmer and game artist..... 

I think I could. Help u out

Now we completed our project but I can join your team if yes then message me on discord Exainz#2484

but now we have finished our project

If u want I can collab with u

Hey i am a programmer and finding a project and some nice guys to work with

i am an indie game dev who is looking for someone to collab with me 

if u are interested in me u can contact me on twitter and discord Exainz#2484 and @Exainz1 on twitter

or u can contact me through mail id

I would love to meet new guys and work for free for u

hey i would love to collab with u 

but i seem to be a bit serious if u are interested i am on discord Exainz#2484 

hey i could join up your team or if u r alone currently we can make

my discord profile is Exainz#2484


i am not a fully experienced coder but i know a bit about coding and game dev

you can watch for my game on my page

if u find me capable just dont hesitate to contact me on discord Exainz#2484 

just get lost

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are u working for free and fun

and your site is not reachable

Fixed all errors... :)

hey could you join our team


Actually I and our small team of 4 are currently working on a 2d multiplayer project... 

We are all indie game devlopers with some gr8 sort of knowledge

I and our team needs some buddies for making games

But as it's a very small project so u have to adjust to work for free... 

By this you'll meet up different people's from different places and can meet them and enhance your coding knowledge... 

I have worked alone before this and too made some games

But this time I m thinking to build a team and collab... 

So it would be easy for u and me to build a game 

If u r anyhow intrested u can join our discord server

May u have fun 😋 devloping game with me and my small team.....

Thank You

hey will u join our small team..... 

If yes then click on

very nice game 

keep it up...

but tell me first how to play it...

its showing some errors during the gameplay

its not expected from u guys

the camera is just a piece of garbage

very irresponsive

hey your restart button is not working...

as it says "R" to restart and do nothing...

super game

do you have made it for ludum dare is my discord server join it up and meet new members to collab....

and have fun..

i would love to collab with u and you to will meet new peoples from different countries is my discord server that i just crearted may this help you out...

(1 edit)

mine is Exainz#2484 but i dont know how to search you or chat with u so u better contect me..

as i am using discord for the first time..

and its a bit confusig.....

i would too love to collab with u and make a small team

Exainz#2484 is my discord username