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So excited for it to come to the Switch! Bought the game but my computer can barely run anything :D

Seeing the shift from past "destroyer" MC (and their relationship to Matt) to present one is HEARTBREAKING I need a moment

*finally decides to eat something at 6pm* for thiu

miss fleur ...... hand in marriage? ..... you'd rather see me die a slow death? that's okay love you babe

Thank you sm for the hard work

Promised myself to not spend any more money this year, but I just had to when I saw the announcement! So excited to play (and so excited to be reunited with Sofia soon). Great job!

AHH I'm so emotional about the new update. You did so well!!

I'm so excited for every update, the world you've created and all its characters are very special. Azad 100% has my heart. Keep up the amazing work! ♥ 

Just bought it and I'm so excited to play! Amazing job guys.

Can't wait to dive back into this world!

Can't wait! I'm so excited for any content from the A6 world.

Ah I've been in the mood for something creepy recently, already pre-ordered and I'm looking forward to it!

Congrats on getting married! I hope you can make good memories that overshadow all the negative things that have happened around you recently. 

And I'm so so excited for your new project and to hear you'll continue creating games! Thank you for keeping us updated 

Ahh, I'm so excited!

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Thank you for being so open about your experience with Lingering and everything leading up to and influencing its creation. I just finished the game for the first time and got the Darkness (+ Marriage) ending. 

As someone struggling with mental illness myself and  especially with getting professional help, Lingering has been, despite the heavy matter, a strangely comforting read that resonated with me deeply. You created extremely engaging characters and dialogues (in a way that never made it too heavy no matter what was going on), the character of Goldie alone has been on my mind constantly ever since I picked up the game. I found a lot of comfort in her character.

I also spent a lot of time simply staring at the amazing artwork. The minute you create a Patreon, I'll be right there and waiting for your next release. I hope I can share this game with others until then. Please don't stop creating visual novels (as long as that's something you wanna do). 

spoiler-ish stuff ahead

I had to put Lingering down a couple of times and collect myself. Especially the "next march" plot point hit me hard (harder than any of the explicit scenes) as one of my closest friends would always tell me they'd kill themselves at a particular point in their life. They're more stable now. 

You also did a great job with the subject of supporting people in a crisis through mental health professionals rather than violence, force and prison sentences. Pretty sure both Jacob and Calvin talked about this directly, it's an important discussion to be had. Especially considering what's going on in the world.

I'm looking forward to achieving all the other (hopefully happier, ha) endings!