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I think you might want to change the name of the game to something that does not have so many other things come up when I google it.

great, can't wait to see how it turns out! best of luck!

ok... glad it wasn't like that. but you really should add a slow mode.

the last two levels are broken 

after about 6 minutes i beat level one. there needs to be a slow mode where it takes more time to take things as long. 

it should have something telling you how well you did on something 

it doesn't fit with the theme very well and the later levels are just luck of the physics

i think the screen shake and lag is to much and the minimum FOV should be higher   

i think it should have a combo counter and something showing you the direction the ball will bounce for the first bounce but not the full way just something showing you the angle 

i hope you make this into a fuller game this game has a ton of potential but, with out much content it is a little repetitive. also i think you should add a dash or something to make the movement more interesting and the collision box for the player felt a little to big. this game is in the top 5 i have seen this jam

it would have been much better without the only one weapon does much damage. it was actually kind of fun finding and lining up weapons.

it was a funny surprise but i can't find any way to progress  

the game spends a bit to much time on the opening dialog when it could have been teaching you how some things worked like the stationary tanks or that you can brake the brown blocks. the game play is a bit slow and i think it would be better if the movement animations were sped up. the levels get a bit repetitive. and i think there's a major bug if you fire and hit enter very fast it seems you can kill any enemy and they don't even get a turn. otherwise the twist was a bit to for see able and without any sort of boss level unimpactful.

for the first time i played i thought it was broken the how to play page was useless and the game play is hit space when they try to strike and has very little to do with the theme  

you're welcome

it should have had something telling you what you were supposed to be doing

it doesn't fit with the theme and in fact is dragged down by it, only being able to see one story at a time like this is just a annoying gimmick that can make you miss some very important info, making you rush to a conclusion. if at the start you don't pick one of the right two too talk too then you either rush to a false conclusion or, restart which undermines the point of the game. it would have been better without the gimmick, it isn't designed for it, and it and doesn't use it in any interesting ways.

like most games where you can't see it would be nice if they first gave you a few examples of what the levels look like like the shape and size before setting you off

this doesn't fit with the theme at all, most of the fights are far to easy to guess and when they hit each other is seemingly random.


how you get stuck on every wall like your covered in glue is annoying. some of the levels can be to hard and frustrating like, the one with the lowering spikes. there should be a reset level button. and you shouldn't be able to move the second after you die because that just takes the input that killed you and kills you again. other wise good game

how do i report games i think are cheating like reusing design and code?

sorry if my review seemed rude i was doing a lot of them very fast. i don't think it used the "JUST ONE" in a very interesting way and not in many important ways. and by it's to easy i mean it doesn't get hard fast enough, i'm sure eventually it gets harder.  and i don't know why the screen is so big.

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when i say "the weapons are unbalanced"  i mean when a lot of weapons one hit kill, the pistol seems like useless trash you pick up to make way for other weapons, that doesn't really do enough damage to do anything. and the shot gun and rocket are to similar. both are long range, not one hit kill weapons. i suggest adding 1 more bullet to the shot gun but decreasing  the damage of the bullets, just enough so it's a one hit kill if you get all.  (by the way this might be the best game from this jam)

it doesn't seem to be taking input most of the time

the graphics are good for a game jam game. i think the scoring shouldn't be based only on hits, and the ball is a little to bouncy to control.

the game looks nice, the weapons are unbalanced, it fits with the theme. and i think there should be a little bit of acceleration to the character because, with how fast you move it's hard to move your eyes with him when he turns.

it doesn't fit with the theme. the levels are to easy, and the screen is to big.

i can't get it to take input 

this doesn't fit with the theme well. the shooting is boring. the bosses have 3* to much health. and it isn't one color.

when the lights go out i think you should be able to see a bit more, and for some reason the cross hair feels more slippery then normal. otherwise i don't think it fits with theme very well.

i wasn't expecting much but this was a surprisingly good idea some of the problems are 1: reloading is a death sentence 2: it takes to long to start firing 3: i have no idea what the different enemies do. i think this whole you can only do one thing idea is good but there isn't many things to be doing in the first place.

i think some of the blocks need more explanation like the light ones, and the later puzzles feel a bit too much like trial and error but, over all good game.

this is a good game but, there are some problems of course. first is that the list of units don't match up with the flags making things confusing. and that it's almost impossible to kill a knight without one of your own, which makes getting wood later very hard. and the archer is almost unusable.

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the game is basically impossible when you first play. i had no idea what yellow meant, how close things were or, what the levels looked like. making it impossible to deduce anything so i had to cheat to even have a chance. this could be a very good idea if better executed. maybe show the player a few levels with the map to start?

sorry but "done in a week" is against the rules of the JAM

pretty good game but the one life thing with no check points is super annoying 

very interesting. i think you could make a pretty good coding learning game out of this, but in practice it's not much else. it was fun though and it could make a good fuller game if more polished, like not having to capitalize some of the commands.