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Alright thanks for making it clear what they were. Also your English is perfectly fine.

I did find something a little weird. Whenever I get reviews for when I release a new product /sometimes/ they don't make sense. I released a processor earlier and all the reviews were around 8 and 9. But one of the reviews were a 1/10 but the text said it was amazing- meaning that the review didn't make much sense. This has happened a few times but other than that this game is great.

Ah- hello! I might actually bump it up to 4 stars because it's a little better now that I'm farther in the game- but if you really want it to be 5 stars then add more polish and features and I might!

It's all good! I'm gonna check it out.

ios would be great if you could find the budget for it

can you make it for any other platforms, like pc?

Very spooky! I loved it.
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really good