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That's amazing!!! I'm so excited you're back for this project :D can't wait for updates

screaming <33 >.< 

I do have a question tho on second thought! (Warning: don't click expand unless if you're fine with spoilers)







In one route, Ichigo tells Haruku that MC and Yuzuki spent the night in the same house. What was his motivation behind that? At first, I thought that he knew the MC murdered Yuzuki, and wanted the MC to be discovered by the police on purpose (so the MC would really lose everything and he would be the one to comfort her... as it played in the ending.) But then I realized that Ichigo wasn't aware of the MC's murderous tendencies, so did he think that Yuzuki was taking advantage of the MC and wanted Haruku to go there and create some drama/heartbreak? 

AHHH I loved the buildup of the mystery and the plot-twists! Absolutely *lovely* I ended up getting all the endings~ I look forward to any of your work in the future <3

THANK YOU FOR THE FULL VERSION. Xyx is such a gift to the world. BEST BOI. <33 

Thank you! Sent an email request

Hi! This game doesn't seem to work in mac. When I try to open it through the app, the game is too big (doesn't fit my screen), and when I download it separately, it says it can't be opened. 

happy anniversary to this beautiful game <3 whoever is reading this, I hope you have a good and happy day!! know that you're loved :D

a very cute game <3

i have so much love for this game. as a nostalgic person who constantly thinks and dreams of childhood, this game gives me a lot of feelings. through this game, i grew up with cove. i played with my friends on the beachside and experienced that fleeting innocence and close warmth to my home. the epilogue perfectly bookended this whole journey – officially closing this first life chapter. all of the love has been given since the beginning and i will take it with me always <3 it was a beautiful game and i will return for the DLCs. thank you for allowing me to feel the most nostalgia i had in a while! it has been a very precious journey. 

hey! for some reason i cant open the mac content. whenever i click "open", it says

The application “mac_content” can’t be opened.


it's sooo goood. the art, storyline, characters, EVERYTHING PREFECT


Looking for more nostalgia and sweetness. Childhood is such a precious moment in our lives and in these games I re-experience it again <3 so grateful 

Already looking forward to the next chapter <3 Thank you for sharing this comic with us Temmie!! 

AHHHH this brings up a lot of memories from playing the earlier steps awhile ago!!! Love Cove <3

You probably reached one of the endings! If you want to try again, open the game in a new tab.

Thanks! [Spoilers below]







There are 2 main endings (the bad ending contains slight variations depending on whether you open their files/trashcan). There is also a bonus ending (which I suspect is the one you missed). Good luck!

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Omg this is really well made! I loved the reset concept (it's A LOT like the real game) and gahhh everything was spot on! From the characters to the music. It really made my day so thank you so much, from the bottom of my SOUL <3


Haha I'm wondering how long this took you? And omg how did you learn all of these RenPy tricks? HUGE RESPECT 

Such an adorable and wholesome game! I really enjoyed playing it; thank youuuuu (and the fact that i've always been obsessed with AIs helped a lot!) <33

this was an absolutely beautiful game. not only was it good horror, but the layer of sadness underneath everything gave it such an emotional feel... i was near tears at the end. thank you for creating such a wonderful piece <3 

Yess I'm so excited!! And indeed our boy is v handsome <33

AHHHH this game, truly, has given me serious nostalgia!! Just... the vivid feelings of childhood and then adolescence and then the feeling of leaving it all behind when you finally graduate high school. It has given me feelings... warm, summer-y, bittersweet feelings that no other games have ever given. And for that, I am so thankful. I do look forward to the part 4 epilogue + the new DLCs in the future!! This game was so unique and wholesome, thank you so much for this <33 (btw I CHERISH Cove) 

Dear Author, thank you so much for creating this visual novel! It's totally my new favourite :D

I admit, I'm in love! With the plot and the characters, and also the fact that this Visual Novel gives me a lot more flexibility than I'm used to (with personality). It's so amazing, and I will continue to support you! 

- A fan <3

Thank you for your nice comment! I'm glad you liked it 

Hi Astralore!! The moment I saw this post, I got super excited!! Thank you so much for taking the time to update us on the future direction of Monstrata Fractura. I am so in love with this game and will continue to support you guys!! 

- An avid fan 

That is absolutely adorable!!!! Totally want to get one <33

Ahhhhh thank you so much for your nice comment Kimberly!! :D it made my day

I'm glad you enjoyed it <3<3

This is really well made!! Love it

this was a really well-made VN! I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

I really enjoyed this! It was super creative and fun. Thanks~

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It is, because the update date is the same

I really enjoyed playing this ahhhhhh!! YES the plot twist was amazing, loved every moment of this nostalgic game~

I think so

thank you! I'm sooo excited for this game <3


Yes I agree! It worked on the Itch app for me :) 

Thank you so much for the update!! I LOVED this game – it was amazing! I'm excited to see your next projects <3

Glad you liked it! I enjoyed watching your playthrough XD