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Nice! I can see why you’re eager for more!

Also: nice use of the cleavage poster. I made it for a diff. project and then left it in the pack for the laughs.

Haha sorry, sorry. Holidays, my friend! They’re coming. Thanks for your patience and I appreciate the reminders. This is a side-gig for me and it’s nice to know that people want this stuff, encourages me to stick with it!

Thanks! Yes, this is only the “gun store and shooting range” portion of the pack. There is also a clinic component, there will be a cybernetics shop, and thanks to you I think I will also be doing a gym.

Then I’ll call ’er done and move on to the “Pubs and Nightclubs” stuff + more exteriors.

Got some mockups, but sorry not the wrestling ring yet. Had another project take priority so I am hoping to have that pack out by the end of Dec or early Jan.

Here’s a peek:

Hello! Yeah, I tend to prioritize comments on itch when I see ’em!

I’m glad you like my stuff and as for doing autotile commission for ya, I don’t see why not. Best place to start would be a breakdown of what you need, when you need it by, etc and I can quote you a fee from there.

This will probably get me going on more tile content for this theme, too.

These do not include autotiles and should be used only in the A5, B, C, etc layers. This is a good reminder for me to include that information somewhere on these pages.

You would also want to make sure that the sheet is the correct size as every RPGmaker has default sheet sizes and anything not that won’t work. I included the scaled up assets for different RPGmakers, such as 32x32 for VXace and 48x48 for MV/Z.

To be honest, I expected to hear more feedback about this if the formatting didn’t work out, but aside from another person who had a case of user error, I haven’t really gotten a sense of how many people are using these assets for RPGmaker projects or not. This was also my first pack and I structure them differently now. I only include the 16x16 sheets and expect the user can upscale if need be.

I tried making an out of the box RPGmaker compatible series with Nine Realms but that project hasn’t sold much and one of the issues might be that the specific RPGmaker formatting isn’t really a selling feature. There’s also that there isn’t much content for that series yet.

Without more feedback, it is hard to tell. Thanks for yours and please ask any other questions you have.

Right on! No worries. It’s one of my least favorite things about doing art and dev, actually. The resolutions and scaling stuff always confuses me or I forget about it and mess up haha. I’m glad it’s working! Let me know if you need anything else and stay tuned for more Cyberpunk stuff!

Please also feel free to comment on any of the Retro Cybercity pages w/ progress on your project, if you feel like sharing. Would love to see what someone else makes with these assets!

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Hi there.

This is an issue of scale mismatches in your assets. In older versions of these packs, I included three sizes for different RPG makers or engines. 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48 (a weird size that MV/MZ use). I did not make 64x64 assets by default for anything, though you can double the 32x32 or 4x the 16x16 to achieve this result.

However, I changed how I packaged more recent assets like the Free Cyberpunk character pack and some of the other packs. I no longer include all three sizes. Just the 16x16 because it can be manually resized by users very easily with graphics software like GIMP or Aseprite.

Can I ask, what RPGmaker or Engine are you using? Do you have a graphics program like GIMP or Aseprite?

If you do, you can probably fix this by taking the 16x16 characters you want to use and rescaling them 4x to work on a 64x64 tilemap. Personally, I develop in MZ and the default is 48x48 so my usual method is to upscale 3x to get a screen/resolution scale like this:

Different art style with different default scale, but you get the idea. With the same scale assets, but from a different theme, this is what Nine Realms looks like in RMMZ when scaled 3x to be 48x48:

This stuff can be complicated so please ask any questions. I should be able to help you fix this, but making 64x64 sprites is something you should be able to do easily without needing an update to the pack.

In case you didn’t know, the wall pieces in that pack are extendable. They are laid out as 9x9 tiles where each tile is 16x16 pixels. The upper row is the top of the wall, the bottom is the bottom, and if you try to extend them past 3 tiles high, it won’t look right. But the middle row is designed to be extendable as much as you want. So for example, the buildings in my mockup are not tall because I wanted to show as many pieces of the tileset as possible. But you can totally make taller buildings with the pack as is. If you own the pack, please try it and let me know if you run into problems.

I should do an additional mockup with a taller building to show what I mean! I should also add more exterior architectural details like cantilevers and struts, both of which are used a lot in games like Cyberpunk 2077 to give buildings a sense of scale.

Good notes. Thank you for being so interested and giving me feedback.

My exterior packs have some options, but probably not enough for a whole city with good variety. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see? I want to do more exteriors but have been distracted by other stuff. You’ve seen the Streets Pack and the “Apartment Complex” pack does have some assets that can be used as “exteriors”. What’s missing? Maybe I can whip up something smaller and release it quick to help you out.

Annnnd thanks x3!

Haha thanks again!

Thank you!

Thanks! I hope people have a lot of fun with these. I’d love to see a Cyberpunk fangame made w/ my stuff!

Hi there. Very happy to hear about your interest!

All of the Retro Cybercity stuff is RMMZ compatible. You would have to slice a few of the spritesheets yourself to achieve the right formatting for RMMZ. Some packs also include 3x upscaled sheets to work in the 48x48 sizing. The last couple of packs have not included this formatting.

The reason not all of the packs in this theme include those extras is because I am assessing what extra options like this to include in my stuff based on whether folks ask for it, it affects sales, or it takes a lot of extra work.

I am open to adding extra options to my packs if requested. I am also considering whether to make the packs plug and play with RPGmaker going forward. I designed my other theme that way to see how much extra work it takes. It’s a lot haha. But maybe worth it if helps folks like yourself.

Let me know if this helps and please don’t forget to mention if you’d like to see more options. More people tell me that, more chance I’ll add them and the faster I’ll do it. :)

This sounds like a great idea. I will include it as part of the Vendors pack. It will fit nice since I am also including a gun range. Makes me think of V’s apartment building in Cyberpunk 2077. Haha.

Thanks. I hope to have that pack ready before Xmas so stay tuned!

There will be a vendor tileset soon w/ mostly interiors but I will add some exterior tiles to it for sure.

If you wanna know what else is in the works:

  • Police and Military Character pack
  • Mecha Pack
  • Vehicle Pack (been working on this one forever…)
  • Mercenaries and Fixers Character Pack
  • Night Clubs and Bars tileset
  • Corporate Character Pack
  • Corporate Tileset
  • Shipping Docks Pack (both aerial and nautical)

All of these have some degree of work on them. Do you have any specific requests or needs for exterior tiles? I am always happy to hear ideas from people about what they think this theme needs!


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Wound up doing another character pack. Still not satisfied with the vehicle designs yet, but working on them.

Everything Retro Cybercity is on sale for another week, too, and I have some freebies coming soon.

I have given a Patreon or Ko-Fi some thought for sure. I may get one or both going sometime soon.

I appreciate your purchase very much! And I’m glad you like it! There will be a lot more packs in the future. At least two more, one a character pack and the other tiles, before Xmas I think.

I like the idea of mixing the two up for a scifi-fantasy crossover. Very cool.

For the most part, yes. The “style” is basically the same, just with a different color palette. The presentation or packaging, however, is different. The Nine Realms stuff has been made so far to be plugnplay w/ RPGmaker MV/MZ, so the way spritesheets are arranged is set up for that. The Retro Cybercity packs are more general-purpose with spritesheets that you are more likely to have to slice a little if you’re using specific engines or software.

Does that make sense? The answer is pretty much yes, but you may need to do a little rearranging on the sheets. If you don’t know how to do that, I can help you out.


No problem! Enjoy!

I also have a whole other set coming.

Good to know. I probably won’t increase the price of this pack, but there will be future packs!

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Thanks! Yeah, I remember when some of them were like high-res art, too.

I’m definitely old enough to remember game manuals, the old magazine era, etc. Haha.

More coming! I’m just slow.

Next up will likely be a vehicle pack, but I ran into some issues w/ it and it’s taken longer than expected. Soon!

I’m still figuring that stuff out! What pricing would you recommend?





Thank you so much, that’s really gratifying to hear. Any additions you’d like to see or even entirely new packs in this theme that you think would be cool?

I have a new pack series in the works and the first parts of it are coming out tomorrow. It’s a fantasy pack based on Norse mythology and the first bundle will have a character pack (24 characters w/ walk cycles) and an outdoor tileset with a village theme. Stay on the lookout as the style is similar to this, just a different palette and aesthetic. A clever creator could easily blend the packs to make something really out there.

But that said, I’ll definitely be adding more to the Retro Cyberpunk series as well. I have several packs on the go with that, including an item icon pack, a “docks” themed pack, a vehicle pack, and more. I wanna eventually get to a one release a month schedule, but right now it’s more like a couple of packs at the same time, every 4-6 months. Haha. I’ll get faster.

I will for sure be doing more. I have the beginnings of a “Dock” area pack, a vehicle pack (incl. mechs), and more. It’s always tough to decide how much to include, how to break things down so they don’t get out of hand, etc.

Glad you like it! Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

Yes! The walk cycles are four-directional. I should probably make that clearer in the description!

The sci-fi cars (glad you like them!) aren’t fully ready yet, I only have the sideview sprites finished. I plan to release a vehicle pack down the road which will include more types of automobile, flying vehicles like helicopters and dropships, and more.

They are all in png format, with two sets for each spritesheet, one includes a background color and the other with blank or transparency.

Hope that helps.

Thanks! Stay tuned as I add stuff!

Updated as of February 14th, 2022. This update includes fixes made while working on this theme’s first CHARACTER PACK.

Please have a look at that!

We're including speed-running in our planning and also looking at doing some extra game modes if we can.