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Eva Jolene

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Hey, thanks for playing it and sharing! I enjoyed the video!

I've been making a third-person shooter! It's intended to be a side project to learn Unreal Engine 4... so I'm hoping I can keep it small. :}

I'll try not to embed animated GIFs...

Early GIF (665kb).

And a static screenshot, just got a text Slate Widget working!

itch.io Community » Game Development » Devlogs · Created a new topic Lizzi

Hey I'm making this game that's about a lizard and not a frog. I've been working on it for a while now but progress is slow, so thought I'd try to start a devlog here to motivate me. I'll try to update this weekly :)

And an image:

Nice colors!


i think less free time and meanies

hey i'm eva! i've been making indie games forever. i used to post a lot on dev forums but not anymore... but this seems cool