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Yeah, it's missing a lot of polish and the audio is pretty bad (both the lack of music and the gun sound effect is somewhat jarring).

I would also have liked to either have proper levels, or procedurally generated arena. The entire "expanding arena" mechanic was simply because I didn't have time to implement multiple levels and it was the simplest solution I could think of.

To be honest I probably didn't spend enough time on the game. Over the 3 weeks available dev time I probably spent less than 50 hours on it (including design and prototypes). If I were a first year student I'd probably have twice as a long, but I was extremely busy with uni work. At the least it would've been some good experience with Unity even if I hadn't won.

A fun game, pretty much the only thing missing is some audio.

Loved the atmospheric use of lighting especially.

Was just wondering, how long is the judging period/when are results expected?

I was wondering, is there a particular code style wanted for this project? The style given in the base project doesn't really correspond to the Unity API codestyle (eg, in the base project, there are fields that have uppercase starting characters, whereas the Unity API style uses lowercase starting characters for fields and uppercase for methods), and also has some confusing rules such as some member fields having "m" at the start and others not.

My game is currently referred to ingame as <game name>, so hopefully I nail that down at some point soon, probably gonna go for something like "Capsule of Vengeance" or "The Bitter Pill" as a reference to the player's mesh.

Game is currently in a pretty sorry state:

Also messed up timing so I'm actually busy this entire weekend (though I'll probably be making notes for when I'm back), so I'll probably be working up till the deadline :P

Worst case I'll just enter next year, and this is good experience!

Given the starting project makes use of static members (the Arena class uses static members to convey the arena width/height, if you have more than one arena at the same time it can cause issues) in a number of scripts, you're probably fine.

Though you should in general use programming patterns as appropriate, and not depending on how popular they are.
If a singleton makes sense in your case I'd say use it.

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I have a few questions but since the FAQ is locked I thought I'd make a thread. If anyone else has any feel free to ask them here too.
My questions:

To what extent must the project be similar to the starting project? Eg could we change the genre, camera angle, etc as long as it's via modifications to the existing project?

What level of secrecy must we maintain about our projects? Obviously we have to use private repos, but could we make a devblog for example, or share our progress?

Who legally owns the game? Since it is derived from the given starting project and made for the competition it's a bit unclear.