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I got down to 15.6 seconds :D

I love the amount of details you put in there.
Especially the keypad tones cracked me up. I came to noticing them when I furiously mashed the C key out of despair and heard the music play. The tension of the instant and the rushing stress combined with that stupid tune made me laugh out loud.

Thank you for that wonderful Pico-8 game!

I tried to write the devlog on-the-go, so it's not that detailed, but gives an idea of the timing and thinking process :)

Thanks for your kind comment!

When I first read the rules I was like "what the heck is he talking about this game is freakin' impossible to grasp". But apart from the total clueless explanations, the idea is actually original. It reminds me of puzzles you could find on early versions of Pokemon that are really similar in there constructions.

Not really a great game, but definitely a great tool for designing games!

The controls are enjoyable, the idea is awesome, and the physics really cool!

I could feel the wind racing through my hair, the smell of gasoline burning at high rate, and the metal crashing on tree trunks. Top game!

It might indeed be one of those times :D That's what made this exciting to begin with! Thanks for trying out the game!

I had exactly the same feeling for game design! I discovered two days before the deadline that I needed to make more levels... But I couldn't determine what was fun or not! It was also my first jam.

Thanks for trying out the game :D

I know the screen is a bit too small... I wanted to add some zoom feature in javascript but didn't got the time so I just relied on people zooming manually.

The graphics are hand made... literally, as I typed them in directly in binary x) I looked for an old game console feel.

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Hello everybody!

While I'm sure we're all enjoying the sheer silence that comes after a good session of jamming together a half baked game in a way too small amount of time, why don't we share what went well, and not so well, during our development?

My worst moment

Spend a full hour debugging the AI that was hopelessly running against the wall and literally fleeing from the battleground as if it was scared by the enemy.
It took me an hour to discover that the issue was an inverted argument in a condition: (> 0 pos) instead of (> pos 0).

My best moment

Make the AI play by itself for the first time. I was sooo happy to see it move by itself, even if it was just the routine "Select a unit > Move forward > Validate". For the first time my game was "alive". I was literally dancing in front of my screen.


So, what about you?

The hitbox is odious x) But the idea is cool :D

Looks great! Reminds me of Dwarf Fortress.

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I little gif of my progress. I can select units, move them and upgrade them by spending coins!

I could have achieved that quickly with an engine, but it wouldn't be fun, so my game is written directly in web assembly x)
I'm really proud of what I have so far, considering I started with zeros and ones to represent pixels...

Next step: AI for the opponent's moves

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A quick mockup of my "Lisp VS Blub Empire" Strategy Game.

Best production by Michelle en Sel so far.