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Okay this game is actually well made, the characters are adorable, and the game is still challenging, mainly cause of Golden Freddy. Chica is so cute when she's staring at the plushie. Also the scenes are noice.

Shaming someone's kink is being a fucking jackass. Who are you to tell others what they like is wrong. Go drown in a lake.

Lmfao okay normie, just cause you don't like this content does not mean you have to side with the jack ass, and be one too. Go play some other game if it bothers the fuck outta ya this much.


Do we get to fuck either of them?

How do I report this dude for bein toxic

Can't wait for the 3rd act to come out

Ah thank you 

Ur screwed

How do I bring Jun outside the room?

How do the mods work in the main menu and how do I use them in the game? 

Lapis is my fav character

The game scans your computer's files for anything with a name.

not in the public release yet

As soon as I saw the notification I ran towards my computer

ah thank you, I found them all, I beat night 3, now I just gotta wait for night 4 when Freddy is in play. 

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Where is the party hat and toy blaster, they keep showing up in different spots.

ah okay good to know it isn't permanent. It's good so far and I very much like it, it even made me jump when bonnie got me lmao

Can't wait to beat night two so I can screenshot different angles of Foxy

why can we only move forward now?

Damn, it's $10 now, guess I need to get some money.

Can someone tell me how to unpackage clothes?

dang okay TwT

Can it be killed now?

yay just love hitting the end of content sign 30 times.

I can't wait till Act 3

ah found it, but the ending tho HAH XD

where's the chocolate?? T~T

same bro

This game is amazing, not because of the sex part but because you get to shoot endless amounts of zombies while protecting a little girl.

I did not expect that ending at all lmao. The sleep fucking was hilarious.

I'm a little stuck, right after the fight with the Fulma, I'm stuck looking at Tin I don't know what to do.

damn okay, that's gonna be a lot of clicking, thanks for letting me know! :3

Damn okay thanks for letting me know 😅

How do I access the cheats? TwT

When I go to the plant, it fucks you in the ass but somewhere one of the critters mentions you can fuck the plant but how do I do that? didn't I think of that T~T

I got a question, what do I do with the two strange purple pillars outside of the Dojo? I have no clue what to do.