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I'm a little stuck, right after the fight with the Fulma, I'm stuck looking at Tin I don't know what to do.

damn okay, that's gonna be a lot of clicking, thanks for letting me know! :3

Damn okay thanks for letting me know 馃槄

How do I access the cheats? TwT

When I go to the plant, it fucks you in the ass but somewhere one of the critters mentions you can fuck the plant but how do I do that? didn't I think of that T~T

I got a question, what do I do with the two strange purple pillars outside of the Dojo? I have no clue what to do.

This game is so addickting (heheh get it?) I'm constantly cumming back to the game. So far I have beaten all the chapters up to 5. Really enjoy it. If I could I would rate it 5 stars.

Honestly, I don't know shit about computers, I just know it's an HP laptop

This game was...very calming and also somehow kinda sad? I don't know, it was a really neat game. We don't take enough time to appreciate all the little things we have. 10/10 amazing game

It's super laggy for me, I can't run bc of how slow it is. Might just be my computer though.

This game is really fun, I enjoyed it alot, except for when I die. My favorite part is lockpicking, it kinda reminds me of Fallout 4

What does all the power-ups do individually?

What's the point of the game? I'm honestly quite confused, good graphics though!

I like it, although it would be better if there was more characters, but you might be adding them later. Otherwise, good game!

Hi hi, the puzzle was really hard and forced me to really think, I also like all of your games, really keeps me on edge :P

ah okay, thank you so much

What does the dissolve function do? o.0

How do I get thru the cellar under the barrr T~T~T~T~T

I FOUND OUT THE CODEEEEE! It's: 82021, you are very much welcome

I'm not bad at reading lol I'm saying that you don't need to hate on VN games :/

It didn't work T~T

whatever bro, if you don't like the game then you can easily go to a different one :/

meh that's your opinion, and that's fine, but I do think that they make good games

They are pretty good

This game is legit amazing, such detail and really makes you imagine the things that are happening. If I could I would rate this game a 500/10

It's an interesting game :3

I'm now on number 6, this series is more enjoyable than any netflix show I have ever watched. Thank you for the entertainment and I hope the making of #7 goes well :)

Thank you so much! :3 When I saw there was a hidden area I was like "THERE WAS A CODE! T^T" So thank you so much :P


How dare you do this to meh! I was so into the story and then it ended TwT Good job btw it was a good art style and storyline :P

ah okay, thanks for letting me know :3

ugh I hate my computer, it won't let me any of the games I download -_-

Unless I can only leave in ep 3, if that's the case then I am royally screwed XD

yeah, im waiting for ep 3 and I tried to leave but I can't, is there a button I type? (Im using computer)

I also visited the queen

Okay so, I went to the doctor, slept, and went over to the farmer, helped her several times. I still can't go to the jungle QwQ

Darn, it must be my computer then

thank you SO much, I was so stumped, you're a life saver qwq