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yeah i left that in for debug purposes just in case some of the levels were broken. the button to test the level is space sorry about that


It shipped with a bug that crashed the game so uhh if you still would like to play here is the link:

is it this one?

can you take a screenshot of it?

If you get stuck make sure you press R to reset the level.

Thanks for the feedback!

i don't really know what i think about i. its an interesting idea, but the lighting mechanic is kind of just a chore that you have to manage on top of all the  puzzles. If the puzzles found a better way to incorporate the shadows kill you mechanic, then i'm sure this game could be great. pretty cool ending though with the house. also ladders are buggy and can blast you though walls

really cool. some cool things to add would be if you could change the trajectory of the bullet mid flight, or slow or freeze time while falling. 

sprite-work is great but the game play isn't really there. quick question what font did you use for your text? that font would have been perfect for my game

its a shame that this didn't get turned in intime, it was pretty fun.

very nice

Probably the best game I've played so far. great job!

Really great idea here. Its basically a puzzle plat-former/shooter. 

Seems like a really  interesting combination, but i kept getting suck in walls right before the end of the 1st checkpoint, also the click to walk is a little disorienting.   

the text cues really helped, and even with that i couldn't pass the second level

Tons of fun! like you said, all it needs is a bit juice behind the already fun mechanics.

got this command prompt when I tried to launch the game.

pretty fun, really nothing bad to say about it.

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Interesting idea, but only one level? :(

Edit: tried it again, my wasd wasn't working first time i launched it, played through the entire level instead of just shooting the first bottle. it was pretty fun and i could see people trying to get better and better times. Nice job guys

Could be pretty fun if the shield was controlled by like an analog stick or just the angle of the mouse

no thats health the score was in the top right

Seems like a pretty cool idea, but sadly people with monitors higher than 60 hz have the game running at 2x the speed.

Pretty cool mechanic dude. Just wish it was with an analog stick or mouse controls instead of arrow keys.

wont let me download, says there is a virus. I think it just has to do with the way you uploaded it. If your using game maker make sure you send the whole zipped folder.

pretty interesting, just a couple problems with the music playing over its self and there is no responsiveness to when you choose an action.

Shame that you ran out of time, it was pretty fun while it lasted other then the ear piercing sound effects. Make sure you guys turn this game down before you start playing.

Seems fun but the end turn button disappeared after turn 4. I had just used a full rest on turn 4 when it happened and i couldn't progress past it.

Pretty fun. My highest score was 8000 just wish there were more enemies on screen at one time.

Here is a video of the game if you don't have enough controllers.