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Thanks! All I can suggest is that you might want to pose this question on the official RPG Maker forums:

This sounds like the sort of question that I imagine someone has posed, at least I hope so.

If you get some concise instructions, then let me know - I can add them to the readme in an updated version.

Hi, glad you loved Chapter 1 and thanks for reaching out! I've had a few Mac users get in touch, but because I really value that you guys cared enough to speak up, I want to give you a totally straight, honest answer.

Current status with the Mac version is "on hold", because I don't possess a Mac to develop, export and test on - Chapter 1 was weird in this regard because "it just worked first time"; it actually won't store your savegames on a Mac, but because C1 is only ~half an hour, that hasn't really been an issue.

Case 2 is orders of magnitude more complex in its implementation, so would require extensive testing and likely some bugfixing on a Mac machine (which is why I can't just ask someone else to export it; it'll require actual work from me to test and fix it up). I'm not certain that the Mode7 stuff will work, too, which might mean that on Mac, the game is slightly different.

However, when case 3 is finished, before releasing it, I want to release a "final" version of C2 which fixes all of the small bugs that players have reported, and will try and see if I can borrow a Mac from somewhere around that time, and maybe revisit this.

Sorry that this isn't the answer I know that you (and the other Mac players) would like; my desire would be to have NALE on every platform I can, for anyone who wants to play it - unfortunately that isn't always possible in the timescales I want.

Thanks a bunch! I'll start a reminder and tweet about it etc. Closer to the time!

Thanks! In truth, as something of a poor solo developer who also has a wedding coming up, I wasn't really able to donate much - but I thought if this brought in a few $ for the various causes involved, then at least there's that.

Hi Leafo! Can I please add...

... to the bundle? Thanks!

Thanks! It's all down to you guys, visiting and playing.

It's a bit of a spoiler unfortunately - can I just say "more than there are right now"?

Thanks so much! It's always great to see playthroughs; I love to watch as people experience the chapters.

Thanks for your concern; this means a lot. It's been difficult, but we'll gradually get there :D

Thank-you so much!

I'm a writer, not an artist - so NALE was always about keeping the art simple, cute and functional, in the hope that the writing & characters would be front-and-centre as the key part of the experience. This comment means so much to me! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks! The artist did a wonderful job.

Has anyone ever done a giveaway to drum up interest in their game? Maybe drive discord signups?

I did one before Christmas, where I gave away a copy of The Nonary Games on PS4, but it didn't really get many entrants - I think I only attracted half a dozen new people, which isn't really a good return on the cost of the giveaway.

Has anyone ever managed to do a successful one?

Hey, just wanted to comment that you've named this "tiletset", with an extra T in the middle. That might stop people from finding it if they're searching.

I found it today because I made a typo!

Thanks! Sorry, but no answers; I'd love to answer you but I've got to keep some stuff secret.

Wow, thanks so much!

Hopefully we can produce a Mac version in the future.

Thanks Katana314, just wanted to let you know that this will be fixed in the final version (I've already fixed it, but I'm holding some small fixes to push a bigger update, rather than lots of small updates).

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Hi, no need to apologise! I want to have NALE on as many platforms as I can.

I would really like to release a Mac version, but unfortunately it's currently not possible. I develop on PC and don't own a Mac, and while you can deploy Mac builds from recent versions of RPG Maker MV on PC, if you do so, the user won't be able to save their game - you have to deploy via Mac to fix this:

Do you mind joining my discord? If you do, and message me, when I try and compile a Mac version in the future, I can get back to you. If you'll play through it and let me know if you have any problems, I'd be happy to give you the copy for free. The discord is here:

I intend to release a "final revision" of chapter 2 with a bunch of small bugfixes just before releasing chapter 3 later this year, and I may try to see if I can borrow a Mac machine from somewhere.

Thanks! Looking forward to your future videos, if you choose to carry on with it!

Hi, yeah, I can try to help you.

Can you explain what happened in the last cutscene before you observed the problem?

Have you visited the room with the safe?

Thanks so much! It's always awesome to read comments like this. It really helps me get through some of the more difficult days.

:D Yep, we're really just starting out on this one.

Thanks! In truth I've been working on the racing subgame for a few weeks now, as I wanted to be sure I could make that work before announcing the chapter. It's been difficult to sit on, but it's great to finally let you guys in on what's coming up!

Thanks for the info, and it's great to hear you enjoyed it.

Hi Mahout,

What kind of system are you on, and what did the crashes look like?

Were they the ones where you can hear the game going on in the background, but the visuals have frozen? If it is, can I say that you've been extraordinarily unlucky? In the 6 months of developing NALE 2, I've played hundreds of hours of it, and I've only seen that bug about 5 times in total.

Unfortunately that's an ongoing problem that I'm unable to fix. It seems to be a plugin issue, but it's intermittent - when it happens, it doesn't correspond to anything in the script. I've had it happen between two dialog boxes before, with nothing between them. People have asked about it on the MV forums but there has never been a concrete answer.

If I ever manage to hunt it down, I'll fix it, but it might be some time. Thanks for reporting it though, because any data I have to suggest how frequently it happens is useful!

Hi there! Thanks for posting.

It might be a language thing. "Session" tends to mean how long you might play a game at a time - so while Final Fantasy VII is ~100hrs long, you probably play in 2-3 hour sessions.

You're correct, NALE2 is ~4hrs in length, but I assumed people would play each in-game "day" per session, so maybe 30-40 minutes. Does that make sense?

Great to hear you enjoyed the game! It's always good to hear stuff back.

Thank-you so much! It's always great to hear from someone who enjoyed the game, and I hope you love chapter 2!

As for the steam thing, thanks for the suggestion! It's still early days for NALE, and I'm not sure where it will go in the future. For now, it's going to stay here in, so I only focus on one store-front while I just focus on making the game the best it can be.

Update - Mac users are not able to save the game in the Mac client (the game refuses to let them do so).

Unfortunately as of right now, I can't actually fix this, as it would require that I master the game on a Mac, which I don't have.

I would ask that for now, Mac users either play the entire game in one sitting (it's only 30m-1hr) or play the browser-based version.

I'm exploring possible solutions for NALE Chapter 2.

Loved this! Really playable, with wonderful precise controls.

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If you encounter any issues, please post them below. If this thread is closed, that means a new version is out, so please download the new version and check out the sticky for that version.

Known issues

  • The evidence list is un-ordered - this should be fixed in a future build.
  • Screen flashes are numerous and make the game difficult to play for those who are photo-sensitive - we're going to look at adding a "turn off screen flashes" option; however, these often serve a structural purpose so this may not be possible. Investigation into this is ongoing.
  • Sequence break - On day 3, it's possible to get con passes too early, which can lead to you getting out of the world if you try to walk into the duel arena. This will be fixed in a future update. For now, the eventing is quite robust so if you walk back into the world, and just carry on to the safe room, you should be okay.
  • Ability to stand on a table in the cosplay area - This will be fixed in a future update.
  • Visual freezing bug - Occasionally the game will freeze; you can hear the game continue in the background, but the visuals have frozen. This is an intermittent bug which happens so rarely it's impossible to diagnose (we had one player experience it in the very first room of chapter I simply between two dialogue calls with nothing between). Keeping eyes open for an issue but the only solution we suggest is to save often; it's very unlikely to happen more than once in a playthrough.
  • Evidence bug - one of the testimonies on Day 2 could be resolved by presenting literally any piece of evidence (a debug flag was mistakenly set). This logic error has been fixed and will not be present in the next version.
  • Rope in courtroom is climbable - fixed in next version
  • Typos (fixed in next version):
    • "Do you even know what Marcus and Stella look like"
    • ... probably others :D I should be more studious with this

Hi! If it's the one I'm thinking of (I don't have the game next to me right now), first, make sure you press every statement.

Second, look at the evidence you have. There's a key difference between the victim and the defendant which suggests it would be weird for the defendant to physically overpower the killer.

This was interesting. I liked the selection of questions; they were pretty varied, and I learned some stuff about text entry in RPG Maker MV that I didn't previously know about due to playing this.

Thank-you so much!

Sorry to ask - do you mind leaving a star rating/review on the game's page? As it has just launched, there are only a few right now and it would be hugely helpful.

Hi all, this weekend I've released my newest game, part II of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle!

Whereas the first one was like a 30-minute tutorial case, this one is a 4-hour epic, which takes place over 6 in-game days. Players investigate a murder that took place around a Yugioh-esque card game tournament, and the story is a parody of the "Collect-and-Battle" anime genre.

Also, the game is free for the launch weekend, but will go up to $3.99 on Monday, so get in quick!

Thanks so much - that goes to everyone in the community. The reception to Chapter I of the story has been incredible, and the reviews/comments you guys have made really helped me get through the 8 months of development to get Chapter II closed out.

This came up earlier as I had someone join my discord to ask where the download button is on my product page. It was this page:

Now, the download button is near the bottom, like all pages (I've actually put in a note saying it's near the bottom of the page), but is it possible for something to be added to help with this?

There could be two things:

1) A button in the floating menu at the top-right saying "downloads..." or similar, which, when clicked, scrolls the view to the downloads section

2) A way for us to be able to place a download button somewhere on the page.

Alternatively, if (2) is already possible, can someone tell me how?

Oh also, you're probably going to receive your shirt before anyone else. You follow me on Twitter, right? When you get it, could you @-mention me with a couple of pictures of the final product?

Wow, love the request!

It wasn't something I'd considered before now, but people are interested, I can look into options for it. I've seen other indie creators do similar stuff so there's bound to be someone I can contact to make the actual items.

Great to see a font that has button/key glyphs.

I'm going to give it a try, and see if I can use it in my project; if I can, then I'll definitely donate.

Please list any problems you find with NALE v2.0!


(none as of yet)

Thanks so much, Trryan5! It's always great to hear when people like the game and get the references.

Chapter 2 is well on the way, and will hopefully be launching in the next few weeks!