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Hi! If it's the one I'm thinking of (I don't have the game next to me right now), first, make sure you press every statement.

Second, look at the evidence you have. There's a key difference between the victim and the defendant which suggests it would be weird for the defendant to physically overpower the killer.

This was interesting. I liked the selection of questions; they were pretty varied, and I learned some stuff about text entry in RPG Maker MV that I didn't previously know about due to playing this.

Thank-you so much!

Sorry to ask - do you mind leaving a star rating/review on the game's page? As it has just launched, there are only a few right now and it would be hugely helpful.

Hi all, this weekend I've released my newest game, part II of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle!

Whereas the first one was like a 30-minute tutorial case, this one is a 4-hour epic, which takes place over 6 in-game days. Players investigate a murder that took place around a Yugioh-esque card game tournament, and the story is a parody of the "Collect-and-Battle" anime genre.

Also, the game is free for the launch weekend, but will go up to $3.99 on Monday, so get in quick!

Thanks so much - that goes to everyone in the community. The reception to Chapter I of the story has been incredible, and the reviews/comments you guys have made really helped me get through the 8 months of development to get Chapter II closed out.

This came up earlier as I had someone join my discord to ask where the download button is on my product page. It was this page:

Now, the download button is near the bottom, like all pages (I've actually put in a note saying it's near the bottom of the page), but is it possible for something to be added to help with this?

There could be two things:

1) A button in the floating menu at the top-right saying "downloads..." or similar, which, when clicked, scrolls the view to the downloads section

2) A way for us to be able to place a download button somewhere on the page.

Alternatively, if (2) is already possible, can someone tell me how?

Oh also, you're probably going to receive your shirt before anyone else. You follow me on Twitter, right? When you get it, could you @-mention me with a couple of pictures of the final product?

Wow, love the request!

It wasn't something I'd considered before now, but people are interested, I can look into options for it. I've seen other indie creators do similar stuff so there's bound to be someone I can contact to make the actual items.

Great to see a font that has button/key glyphs.

I'm going to give it a try, and see if I can use it in my project; if I can, then I'll definitely donate.

Please list any problems you find with NALE v2.0!


(none as of yet)

Thanks so much, Trryan5! It's always great to hear when people like the game and get the references.

Chapter 2 is well on the way, and will hopefully be launching in the next few weeks!


Thanks a bunch for reminding me about this!

Just so you're aware; I'm going to upload a newer build of Chapter 1 just before Chapter 2 comes out, which will contain a bunch of a small fixes and quality-of-life improvements, of which this is one.

Yeah, I'm waiting to hear back from Shiawase... Unfortunately I have no means of reaching them!!

Hey Mikorin, sorry to get in touch like this, but it's the only way - you've won my follower giveaway, but your profile lists no contact info so I'm struggling to reach you. Can you get in touch? Details are here:

I've been thinking about that! In truth, it's actually quite difficult, because anything with speech in could be a spoiler.

I'll try to get some stuff together soon, though!

Going beyond the technical concerns, the thing that tends to make a game streamable is if either it offers the chance for exceptional, visually interesting play (take something like Ikaruga where it's just a pleasure to watch someone play) or if the game is so fatalistic, and has so many outcomes, that no two games are exactly the same and a game comes with many surprises. This latter reason is one of the main reasons that Battle Royale games have become such a big part of streaming.

Thanks for providing more info!

I think you may have, yes - could you try deleting your version, then downloading it again and having another try?

To give you a bit of background on how this works, your problem isn't actually that the video isn't playing. After Nina complains, but before the video plays, the game teleports the player to another map file which is just empty, and the video starts playing there. If the video itself had failed, you would've been teleported and arrived at a black screen, and be stuck there.

If you're still walking around the office, it means that the event which teleports you isn't firing off correctly, and that sounds like a "cosmic ray" issue, i.e. a very random, low-chance error. Naturally, as this problem occurred within the first 30 seconds of gameplay, this segment has been played thousands of times at this point by both myself and other users, both in the browser version and the download version, so it's reasonably certain that it doesn't have a problem except where something like file corruption is an issue.

However, I'm not dismissing your problem; it's really useful for people to get in touch with this kind of stuff, so many thanks for doing that. I'm going to look at that event and see if there's anything unique about it that could've caused this kind of issue in rare cases.

Thanks again!

Okay, that's new! Can you tell me a bit about your computer, i.e. operating system version, etc?

When you tried to leave the law office, did a short cutscene play where Nina complains that she "doesn't even have time for a shower"?

Knowing this will give me an idea of what is triggering and what isn't.

Thanks for letting me know about this.


And don't feel bad about that :D Nina Aquila Chapter 2 is going to have a new interface for browsing and presenting evidence, which will be easier to use.

Also, just before I release Chapter 2, I'm going to update the Chapter 1 version to use this new interface too, along with a few other small updates.


Unfortunately, it may just be the specification of your computer. While RPG Maker MV makes games that look a bit like SNES RPGs, it actually has reasonable system requirements in order to run smoothly.

If you can tell me anything else about your computer's specification, that would be very useful.

Thanks! What sort of spec is it? Processor, RAM, graphics etc.?

Also, did the game return to normal when the video ended?

Thanks again for this.

Hi DuckieChan, thanks a bunch for letting me know that you're having those problems!

Can you please give me a few details so I can look into it?

What sort of hardware were you on? (computer, tablet, phone...), ideally telling me what model or roughly what spec.

If you were playing in browser, what browser were you using and what operating system were you using?

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Thanks for the detailed reply, Firecat!

I totally acknowledge your point; in that none of these problems are weaknesses of RPG Maker, and that the engine has the tools and capabilities for all this stuff. Naturally though, a new user may not be aware of those techniques (though they're quite simple once you know them).

In terms of teleporting the player around the game, that's actually what I had planned to talk about next week, with a high-level state-machine that guides the player through the narrative, and gives the developer the ability to teleport to any point within the game with the prerequisite variables, switches and items activated.

In terms of your points 2 and 3, please accept my apologies; I think my language was unclear. I can see how I may have suggested these things were programming issues; what I meant to express was dealing with the complexity that arises when you go from a small, short, simple experience to starting to work with many locations, events and other things. RPG Maker's actually a pretty robust piece of software; I hadn't intended to suggest it was a problem with the program itself - but more a beginner user might start to struggle to keep track of things, and I plan to talk about some ways to deal with that.

You're right in that this is very much a "me" problem in RPG Maker, because part of these articles is about explaining that I've encountered these problems and how I dealt with them. That being said, I've seen a similar problem come up with others who are working in different engines, so I assumed it to be quite universal. Evidently that was in error, but still, hopefully the follow-up articles will be useful to absolute beginners.

I'll take on-board your feedback, and try to be clearer in the future about where my examples come from, and about being very clear about how these problems arise from the user's own issues rather than the software itself.

Judging from your profile, you're pretty expert on matters RPG Maker, so any feedback you have would be incredibly useful!

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I understand what you're saying; my choice of words on this could've been better.

I can see why you're suggesting I change it to "complex" games, because "longer" is too nebulous a term.

Can I ask what you'd suggest? What I'm getting at isn't so much games that are much more complicated (i.e. expansive open-world games, or nonlinear story games) but rather trying to guide people who are just going from their first, probably-simple game (where they're mainly focusing on grasping use of the tools) to starting out on their first "full" game, now they feel a bit more confident. It's about helping them plan this.

Given that, how do you feel I should change my title? Is "complex" still the right word, in your opinion?

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Kicking off a series of articles which explain a few useful things for structuring games in RPG Maker, but these might also be useful for anyone making that first jump from simpler, 1-room games to trying to structure a longer game with a linear narrative:

Going to try and make this a weekly thing, so check back for future updates!

Battle for justice in an anime-themed world as Nina Aquila, defence attorney and bona fide Legal Eagle!

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is an anime-themed graphic adventure game, in which you play the role of a defence attorney. Fledge City is in crisis, and it's up to Nina Aquila and her friends to make sure justice prevails!

With a tone that mixes crime with a light-hearted feel, a cast of quirky characters and a compelling story, NALE is intended as a homage to the Phoenix Wright franchise, but should appeal to all fans of anime & graphic adventures.

Try it now at:

Thanks for this - I was looking in the metadata area and somehow had just MISSED the option on the main page.

Just uploaded a game and published it today:

However, afterwards, I've realised I could've uploaded this as an embedded game that could just be played from the webpage, which seems like it'd be a good thing to do - but I'm struggling to do this?

From the instructions I found...

... it sounds like you had to specify this when you first added the game to the site. Is that correct?

Is there no way to either change this existing game to use the browser version, or to support both browser and downloads? (this latter option is what I'd prefer if possible)

I tried uploading the .zip with the webpage version of the game inside, but the "edit game" page doesn't offer me the "play in browser" checkbox I can see in some examples.

If you have any problems with the game, please report them here!

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Please list any problems you find with NALE v1.0!


  • During cross-examination, sometimes the game does not loop around to the initial statement after reaching the end of the statements. Unsure of cause, but you can hear the menu/UI working when you press the keys; just the message boxes aren't visible. May be an RPG Maker bug rather than NALE.
  • The intro video may stutter/fail on low-spec hardware. Unfortunately there is no remedy for this problem; please advise me if you experience it as I'd like to provide low-tier hardware specs.
  • The social buttons on the title screen do not currently work on the webpage/HTML5 version (they only work in the downloaded version). This was a plugin bug; the plugin creator has already fixed this (thanks!) but I haven't been able to upload a fix yet; I'll do this just before I release Chapter 2.