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Thank you! Blogging might be behind me now, but yep, I'm alive.  New project will be announced... this year probably!

Thanks for the feedback!

WRIT: There should definitely be a way to bring the phone menu back up, rather than the "paused" overlay. I probably mixed up key bindings. On a dual shock it should be the triangle button. Unfortunate problem because you need the phone to change the key bindings lol (that part has since been fixed).

nurikabe: Eventually I'll go for the high-res look rather than the pixel art look, but I'll have to deal with this placeholder sprite 'til I hire an artist. (I haven't decided if those slimes are supposed to be slimes, either). Will look into the camera speed and other bugs.

Simple but polished. I noticed that the right edge of the screen has no collider, but the game seems otherwise bug-free. Having fun adding more mechanics and/or enemies!

The damage and death effects are wonderful. Hope to see more manga panel zoom-in shots.

The movement feels nice, but the digital aim is awkward. I don't know if you're expected to use a controller, but if so, analog aim would help a lot. And I'd recommend an in-game input mapper (I use Rewired in Unity). I used a controller but the keyboard controls were somewhat confusing at first too (the button to read the computer screens is different from the dialogue confirm button).

You weren't kidding about the challenge! I almost got the pantsu in the second world before I stopped.

This game looks and feels very polished so there's not much to add. I appreciate that the puzzles require both thinking and platforming skills (e.g. dropping a block mid-jump to destroy the previously placed block without losing momentum).

Keyboard controls are decent but controller support would be nice.

Didn't play too far (got one heart piece and two text snippets), but it's odd how pressing a direction in midair commits you to falling in that direction. Makes it hard to adjust your position on small surfaces. I would definitely increase the walk speed, and maybe add more checkpoints.

The walljump mechanic is great. I like that it gives you a ton of velocity, which you can cancel at almost any point.

I miss 3D platformers. Cool to see you're working on one.

The movement feels decent but the camera is odd. I feel like the right stick should be able to bring the camera down to the ground, rather than only rotating left and right. The tap-to-zoom thing is a bit confusing too, since tapping down doesn't un-zoom.

I like how kicking in the air gives you an extra boost, but I noticed that you cancel your wall kick velocity if you're holding the stick toward the wall. You basically have to let go of movement for wall kicks to work.

Also, there should be a way to put down crates instead of throwing them.

And I couldn't figure this gem out:

I couldn't seem to grab the ledge while holding L1.

Love the hand-painted look of the art. Animation is cute too. But the camera definitely needs work (clipping through walls), and the tank controls are odd. I also think the camera movement lerp is a bit too long (i.e. the camera takes too long to stop moving). If you move back and forth really quickly, it gets disorienting.

I like how the down-attack reacts to momentum. But I think the default attack needs more knockback. You inevitably get hit if you mash it in front of an enemy, so it's better to just jump on the snakes and spam the sonic spin move. There also might be too much horizontal momentum during the jump, but that's preference.

Fraps is giving me 30fps, but the animations look a bit slower on my computer than in that gif. Perhaps just a standard performance issue but thought I'd mention it anyway (old laptop, Lenovo Y470 with GT 550M, around ~50% GPU load).

I know I didn't have to climb up here, but I did it anyway: https://i.imgur.com/qCMas7r.png

Cool game. The enemies are charming. Ran into this bug when I tried to dash out of a Gumm: https://gfycat.com/PeriodicInbornAcaciarat

First time trying this game. Awesome work. Hookshot is a nice touch, and it's something I'd like to implement in my own project.

Only complaint is that this is way too spammable: https://gfycat.com/WeirdFilthyHawaiianmonkseal

I like the dash mechanic. I noticed that you can spam dash against walls to essentially climb them, since touching a wall seems to give your dash back. Might be exploitable for speed runs but it's fun.

Would be great if you added controller support. Fingers didn't get used to the controls quickly enough to pull off cool tricks.

Played up to the second floor (two runs).

Fantastic game. As others mentioned, analog input + digital aiming is unintuitive. I got an upgrade that allowed for more aiming angles, so I can see that it was a deliberate decision, but it still feels odd. The crosshair makes it feel like the bullets should go exactly where I'm aiming.

Still a great job! Feels like at least a solid beta.

Design-wise, the bullets feel pretty random. Consider making patterns that are deliberately just wide enough for the player's hitbox to fit through. Generally I felt like I had to zoom my vision out and avoid bullet walls as a whole, rather than trying to weave between them (unless that was intended). That also means the full-speed movement was more useful than the "focus" (shift) movement.

Minor points: the music stopped looping after a while. Also, there should be a longer pause after the game ends, because I accidentally pressed a button to restart and couldn't see my score.

Funny enough, there's not supposed to be a third jump. Just medium (around one block) and high (around two blocks). Now to figure out why you got a short jump...

Did you try the desktop build? I checked the web build just now and the input lag was okay (still <60fps though), but I think I saw the issue you're talking about during one of my earlier tests. Will look into it.