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Interesting concept and really cool game!
plus the typing sound is a brain massage

That's exactly the mixture I was aiming for, thanks for playing! <3

Nice game! It's big enough to explore and has a good enough variety in the challenges.

The character looks super cool.

I didn't lose progress after dying, not sure that's on purpose since you can buy more lives, but I appreciated the checkpoints either way.

I mostly liked the level of difficulty, but I just could not reach the pile of pastries.

Hii, thank you for the game! I liked the variety of the minigames and the mysterious theme with the creator. Beautiful art too! I appreciate that you included my hobbies I mentioned :)

I just came back to check out something and this comment was waiting here like a little gem. I'm so happy you had a nice time playing our game :)

great thoughts and also encouraging last part 

Nice experience, I felt relaxed, confused and scared at the same time haha
I totally agree that dogs are sweet <3

Thank you! :)

Happy you liked it :)