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I’ll be deleting the project. Plus, this is a simple font it’s just the colors against each other. I’ll just change the font color

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I actually played this game a few months ago (I think? Maybe it was weeks…) but I don’t think I ever commented! I love this game- Honestly and I’m stoked for the future updates and such! I think so far Lux is my favourite character ♪(´▽`) Honestly I’m just a queer nerd just floating about lol- Trying to find the motivation to finish projects and not lose a lot of progress (Internal rage and much sad) But I’d definitely say games like these boost my mood when I have no one around to have huggies with hehe (‾◡◝) Anyways- Good luck with your game! It’s really exciting to find well built game plots that draws from common concepts and creates something new and original. Honestly, it’s refreshing!ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Also I apologize for typing out like a whole-ass essay lol-

さよなら! がんばって-!!!

☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


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What’s with me and messing up the program with heights? Anyways, I’ll fix that when I can (And I get over my mistake of accidently deleting my friggin work…)

I’m not sure I can do the dialogue and gameplay thing with height or add a special height since I’m doing a merge with the heights since I’ve extended my knowledge on programming. It’d also add to my work load and if I do add it I’ll probably forget about it since it’ll be at the bottom of my priorities… And considering I’m also working on another story and a bunch of side projects/programming tests

Sorry for the long message 🙇‍♂️

I might just play this..? (Idk this popped up on my feed and I haven’t slept and I’m bored)

I was playing last night with a friend and the first bug I encountered was that I was unable to use he/him pronouns. So I had to restart and use the they/them pronouns but after a while it had a similar error and the game crashed

The game kept crashing on me- Thought I’d let you know

Ah, okay- Just making sure that was suppose happen 😩

I enjoyed the game a lot! Just one thing that creeped me out- Bengan said my grandma’s first and last name and spelled it exactly letter-for-letter. Is that suppose to happen? 😰

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I still haven’t been able to find the glitch- I even tested it for myself and I can’t find it. Maybe it’ll go away in the next update? I do plan to change that CC part so you don’t have to worry about it :,)

Thank you sm

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Like a miscreant kind of monster or something closer to Rolland? If you have a suggestion for a RO you can join our discord and go to the Ethereal channel <3 (Of course you’ll need to introduce yourself and be let in by me or an admin. I’ll be online Saturday afternoon)

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How the hell (har-har) do I get the last achievement??? I already clicked everything 🥲

Me trying to 100% everything

Super cute~

I’ve tried everything and the world doesn’t want me to romance Chris apparently

Thank you <3

I loved the game

But how do I romance Chris?

I could only choose Bec sob

Thank you I’ll see if I can find the problem to what happened

Hello! So, I cannot find what went wrong :( can you please tell me exactly what things you selected so I can try to get to the bottom of this?

I must’ve forgotten to put the right link for the witch. My bad 😅 I’ll get back to you once I’ve fixed it

Love it- Can’t wait for more!

BTW Exaughstion -> Exhaustion/Exaughsted -> Exhausted

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Okay 👍 but maybe make it a bit more consistent? Or make some note cause since ‘i’ and ‘k’ are by each other on the keyboard it could be mistaken as a typo as I did. Just a suggestion to add some way to make it more obvious. Great game though 👏

Also, I’d like to know how you did the stat code for the character. I’ve been wanting to incorporate something like that in my game ‘Ethereal’

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Super cool! Can’t wait for the rest!

I did find a few writing errors though->

Sofia was often mistyped as Sofka

Once Theo in the male option was referred to as her

(There was another but I can’t remember it :,])

It was great overall though! Gl!!

Where to click? It’s directly right to the entrance of the slide, it took me forever to work so make sure to save :,)

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:D Time to play through the rest of the game for a beleventh time to play Ep6 in May lol

I honestly am glad I have time to choose who I’m romancing for the play through to the 6th Episode-

Between my three boys- June, Damon, and Vexx 😩🤌

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I know that but is there’s a way to do something as such? Along with a gender selection? Just wondering if you’d be interested in the idea. I have a gender and separate pronouns options of different choices, of course it’s still in the making >

Cute little customization! I just would like if there was an option to just select pronouns and gender separately? If you have trouble with the separate option choices or understanding what I mean I can show you code I use to do the separate options :) (Ex. A person using he/him pronouns)

It’s all good 👍 I understand that writing can be hard so no worries and gl 😊

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I saw this on my feed and was like- Web version 🏃‍♂️ lol

I won’t be able to stop saying ‘Sir’ because I kept saying ‘Sir, SiR, SIR, Please, sir, find a different past time than looking at people through windows’ 😩 I was very spooped so you achieved your goal 👍 in spoopy-ness

I enjoyed it a lot! But it’d be cool if maybe there’s more than one way in ending?

I expected it to be longer 😩 Great overall just didn’t expect it to that short- Also maybe if you can make an option to make the game full screen? I have trouble personally on trying to look at small text.

You have no idea how much stuff like that happens to me. I’ve found my name in a lot of hidden gems and I don’t even have a common name. It’s a tree for Gods sake. So, you’re not alone in that part 👍 I once named the character I was using a name that was of a character’s name that appeared later 😂

I’m self taught. I taught myself how to read Javascript in like a few months 😩 So I believe anything (Well, mostly) is possible with enough efforts. I mean humanity make it into space and land on the moon, honestly, compared to that this is pretty simple. Not to say this is a small feat! Everything is challenging in itself! Gods, now I’m sounding old- I promise I’m not like a 40 year old dude 💀 I just have weird sparks of wisdom? Gah, I’m rambling, can’t help it though because I can get real passionate about the things that interest me. I’ve always been a sore thumb, honestly- I don’t speak often but when I do I have a lot to say! I need to shut up for my own shake cause by Ivan I- yeah, I’mma just shut up now 😭💀

I restarted mid-game because I accidently did something I didn’t want to do. Also, yes, I use SugarCube because Harlowe wasn’t helping me on with I wanted to do. Maybe check out my game? 👉👈 Ethereal is kinda a mess rn but I’m working on it atm. The CC is better now too so it’s full of elaborate details, just need to write, lol. My other game doesn’t have gameplay, it’ll soon be released though. Just mostly having writing issues 😭

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Getting the full game tonight and super excited. I played the demo over a year ago and been anxiously waiting 😭

Hehe, might drag a friend into my nerd frenzy. Pray for them 💀👍 (More like payback for a lot of stuff- Now I’m ranting, off to the game)

Leos, lol

I could always help if you need it. I understand programming and Twine can be a nightmare sometimes. But maybe just put a little notice for a restart just close the window and try again 👍 I’m making a few games myself and I’ve gotten a lot of bugs with Ethereal and the elven character customization. I more like working with customization factors and I hate <if> </if> stuff. Makes me want to throw my computer 💀 I’d also be happy to test stuff on mobile too, I test all of my own stuff and if my (very few) friends agree to take a look


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Loved the game😩🤌 Your games are masterpieces/hidden gems. It did take me a bit to restart the game though. I had to close the browser tab to restart, the ‘New Game’ doesn’t work and keeps previous information then loops you on the 4th or 5th part. Maybe try a restart option or whatever it’s called. My brain seems to be failing me, I swear I know how to use Twine 💀

Sorry if this makes zero sense I just been playing games on my phone cause I’m stuck at jazz event 😭

Siruud doesn’t want to admit it but he’s in love with me and my amazing butt/j

In all seriousness great game can’t wait for more 🙌

(I took every opportunity in that demo that was given to me to be a suspicious little gay 😩🤌)