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Hmm, I use the app for pretty much every itch game in order to make them run, it's the only solution that has worked really well for me so far! 

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What a game! I love time loops, and non-jump scare based horror. This managed to fill my with dread, and when I found out the identity of the person putting me through  my paces me I gasped.  I like this take on the trope a lot, and the music is excellent in my opinion. If you like text based horror or time loops, I would give this a try. Good job!!

Oh wow! The music really made this one top notch- pretty dang scary with the ending visuals combined with that slowed down... metallic thumping? I also liked the way the murderer talked, and that jumpscare around the middle was probably my favorite part.

(also loved the duck ending btw!)

Thank you :)!

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Oh man! I just loved this! THIS WAS WONDERFUL! I think my favorite recurring character was probably the little inchworm, or maybe stiltsman. I loved the ghost kitchen, all of the pool denizens (particularly that lovely rat angler fish), and all of the delightful creatures in the cave (looking at you cave bat). And that twist...

All of the dialogue made me smile, and oh man, this was so good.

Thank you!! :)

very cute and very warm. Adorable!