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Munkey Funkey is right, but there is also a factor that comes into play. Which is the stability of your house, if you built way too tall and big it might lose some stablity at some poles/floors so keep it simple as much as possible!

You can now craft the Troll Armor to fight off the mountains! Check the wiki if you want at
You can also join the Discord to get your question answer!

You need to have 8 Ancient Seeds to do that, and that will Summon the Elder! You can join the Discord server if you have more questions, and also have fun killing the Elder!!

Don't forget to sleep or eat! Also you can join the Discord server to talk with other players to play in a server and also you can join the Subreddit if you have a suggestion for the game

Take note that the game is still in Alpha, there is alot more stuff coming so stay tune!

You can pinpoint in the map of where you exactly died, pin points are very useful when it comes to exploring. Join the Discord server if you still have questions left or join the Subreddit if you have any suggestions to post. You can also find useful stuff there :)

Unfortunately, leveling system is still not decided by the Dev himself. Though he talked about getting some Pets/Mounts/Companions which will help during exploration. I hope this make things clear also you can join the Discord server or join the subreddit Valheim subreddit to post your suggestions

There is a limit of how much you can built in this game, though I've already experience to build a tall large structure which means that the poles, beams, roof support, stone support or any thing that can strengthen your house will be easily destroyed due to decaying and no stability for the house. Mixing both  stone/ wood will lessen the decaying. But since you're talking about the roof support, the game currently have two roof support which is a cross one and the side one. You can strengthen them by using poles and beams. Sorry for long comment

How many times have you killed him? I think there is a limit on how many times you can kill him, you can join the Discord server if you got more questions there