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Hello. I'm interested in the graphics of the game. Don't want to sell? I would buy. Except for the characters.

Stupid Chicken это же моя игра проданный на Кодканьоне. Здесь просто рескин сделали и всё

Please, contact me: telegram @onbesalpys instagram @yesbolamirov

Please share with your friends

Hello. Cool bundle. I sell game sources. Can you use your sprites in your projects?

Game page

Help a lonely child escape.

CHiLD - a horror game with quest elements.

Help a lonely child escape.

CHiLD - a horror game with quest elements.

How much does an exclusive drawing of such a tileset cost? Write to me, I will order constantly


Hello. You have beautiful art. Do you work on order?

Hello. Do you work on order? I liked your work.


I'm interested too. I wanted to add hints and work with the interface. Did not have enough time

Excuse me. I did not have time to add clues. Now I'm working on the interface and tips

Thank you. I do not know much English. On this, I cut a lot of details


Thank you colleague. I remember you from 2016 onwards.

Managed. I have a weak Internet. Wait for the gameplay video.

I think I will be in time.

4, 4, 4, 4!

3, 4, 3, 4!

YZeeGames, thank you so much. This is "pre-alfa" version...




Мне понравился! Like+!

Super game. I am waiting for release on Android.

Thanks Clickteam, "CTF Developer" is my dŗeam!

I do not understand. I can still get a prize? Or to late? Sorry, I do not know much English.

Is there anyone alive?

Hi, I get this message: Congrats your game reached the top 6 in final voting for the Weirder Stuff 2016 game design contest. To see the top 6 winners visit Regardless of being the grand prize winner or one of the runner ups we will need the following information to get your prizes out to you.

  • Full Name
  • E-mail (update if different the one we just used)
  • Phone Number
  • Shipping addresaddress

but i did not see it, what now? Help, please...

I sent the information to the

I'm away from home. may send the source code of the project. what should I do?

why the Top 4? пдрсы

When the next contest?

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I sent a letter whith the text:

game name: Escape

name: Esbol

last name: A****v

e-mail: e**************com

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I'm interested too (they do not exist)

the mail has arrived.

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Please, help. How to fill (*Enquiry)? (I use Google translate)

Thank you so much!

I have Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard(Steam). What should i do?

What to do, If I have a standard version CTF2.5? =(

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and who are you? Zlyudchik deserved to win!