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i reanamed the windows file again i hope fix that issue beaacuis is annoying rename the file after exporting and i will add that reminder for future updates and future games.

Ok i fortget a bout that issue i will stick a reminder in the PC Deskstop xD!

Thanks for the Gameplay Videos xD! i will Share this on twitter. and of couse the rest of videos of you channel.

This looks like a kind of bug in app

i change the name folders of windows versions for fis this issue with the app

i will fix this this night i don't know that app don't support colons in dirección names thanks for this report xD!

i will fix this this night i don't know that app don't support colons in dirección names thanks for this report xD!

Thanks xD!

Thanks for inform this Bugs the now fixed you can download the new version i check the rest of Rooms and the have no Bugs this happen when you have to support more than one platform xD!

Best Regarts.

If somebody wanna make a gameplay video on YouTube of my game i will appreciate xD!

Thanks so much for the game Happy birthday xD!

Hello lonutzV Thanks so much for inform me about this bug the bug is fixed you can download the new Files and play the Game.

Thanks for Help me to improve the game!!!

Best Regarts.

Very funny vertical golf game xD!

Hard and fun Nice Game Ben xD!

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In Ninja: 99 Rooms Challenge your objetive is survive the dangers of the 99 Rooms to become into a master ninja.

The Rooms are filled with diferent kinds of diferent dangers like:

  • Spikes.
  • Saws.
  • Cannons.
  • Deadlie Waters.
  • Lava.

And your reward will be the sushi, the girls and of course become into a master ninja.

Game Features:

  • 99 Challenging Rooms.
  • Nice Retro PixelArt graphics.
  • Fast Gameplay.
  • Powered by Godot Game Engine.
  • Hours of fun in your PC (Windows/Linux) or in your pocket (Android Smartphones and Tablets).

Do you Acept the Challenge?

Ninja: 99 Rooms Challenge

Cool game dude!!!

This Is a really very Good plafformer game, funny with easy controller, nice música and pixel Art keep making more games!!!

Very nice breakout game i like the ligthing fx

The linux Built Don't work

Looks amazing like a metroidvania lite xD!

Linux Version dont run un Ubuntu