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Grumpy GameDev

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Played your game.

Made a video of it.

Freshly uploaded to the YouTubes.

I like this game.

It makes me think about the culture/code balance in my own life.

Naturally, I'm leaning more towards code IRL.

But I think I'm OK with it.

I think the "map shards are here" icons should alpha blend in and out, as they are not obvious, and they interfere with the ability to tell details about the surrounding terrain.

This could also interfere with being able to use the final map if the shard indicators overlap where the final map shows.

I originally had a thought that the tools should lose durability, but that leads to a problem of having to have a crafting system, which could work, but may not be what you want.

Perhaps have indigenous people. They generally run from you, but steal tools and turnips when you aren't looking. You have to make peace with them.

Did a little LP of this: