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Er@n k

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great game can you add this on steam with more levels

the Traps in the gate  that moving ups and down are to fast and its very hard  the game looke pretty but i gave up.

the game is full screen on pc or small size like the mobile version ?

i can't buy the game the link not working

can you make it for windows pc

level 23 and level 27 are the same.

you need to spread the game anywhere you can download bandicam and make videos and put on YouTube with link to the game . open blog with online short version with link to full version it's free , put pictures on Instagram , put videos and links on Facebook  if you want to sell  more copies of your  game just show it every where there is plenty of places you can put . and of course there is plenty places you can try sell your game . Like steam , gog, bigfish . Alawar, and lots more.

ok no problem.  the only thing i can suggest is adding   option  for zoom so i can make it bigger to cover the screen.  this game very pretty   so it will be nicer  to see it big size and not just small square  in the middle  of the screen.

The only thing that not working suddenly it the tutorial I am on level 19 but when I press play it's give me black screen not just 19  from 1 to 19 

i think maybe because i was adding letters like player 1ghghfh so i just delete it and left it blank without adding name . player 1 

ok now its working . now i can see continue game and the coins i earned  . as before there was no continue and no coins. and its unlock most of the levels and say you won. its all good . this game definitely need to be on ios and android

you should put this game on more platform like  steam. Android. ios

Fantastic game  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

great game