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thanks i was able to get it working. 

when i try to install the new update 0.20, it keeps saying app not installed.

okay im trying to install the update but it keeps saying app not installed. what do i do?

any new updates for Bernice yet?

when's the next update to include the chick we met in the village? 

awesome!!!!! how long will sohpie hot vacation be before you add it to itch? i only play chapters 1 and 2 and i really want to play the next 3 chapters but again i cant do patreon. 

just played day 15, and i loved it!!! i didnt care if i had to pay for the sequel, i will still support your work no matter what. i wonder if there will be more of ingrid and ellie in future updates?


so any news on lewd mod day 15 coming to itch?

awesome!!!! your soo amazing!!!!😁🥰

Awesome!!! i just find maddie really sexy!!!! so have you ever thought about putting sophies hot vacation on or do you prefer to keep it on patreon? i ask bc i cant do patreon anymore due to financial problems.

just played day 14 and i loved it 😃. cant wait for the update of day 15 on here! love the cleavage pics too. but id love to see maddie more as well!!!! love your work so much keep em coming!!!!😁😁😁

welcome 😁

i would love to see more of ellie and maddie in future updates.

ok awesome!!! cant wait!!!

will day 14 be updated on here soon? and how can we get it when its updated. i already bought the game on here.