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I literally just got the notification that the Kickstarter had JUST gone live, clicked on it, and see it's already 2k over the funding goal. This should tell you how eager people are for this promising game! Congrats! :D
Thankfully managed to snag the last discount spot - yay! <3

I don't think you can at this stage.

D'aww, younger Mathias is adorable! Seems like a bit of a brat too, which is why I can't help but have my in-every-sense dragon "Commander" 'school' him a little (I hope). Heh heh. >:)
Can't wait for the next update, and this side story! This is seriously one of the most charming VNs I've seen in a while. You really have a way of writing the characters and relationships so they're all thoroughly engaging, as well as creating a charismatic protagonist in our dragon commander that we can't help but like him. Also, no pressure! :D

Okay, yeah, I was right about the good feeling I had about the Sheriff - oh man! I cannot wait to romance Geoffrey - his route seems the most intriguing so far. In fact, the Nottingham route in general is very interesting. Great demo! :D

Not gonna lie though, at first I was a bit turned off by Marion's 'changing appearance' thing, despite it making perfect sense and adding lots of drama and opportunity to the game. That initial feeling was mainly due to the implications of the guys falling for a Marion that isn't 'fully' Marion, and not knowing it, but hopefully Geoffrey and Gui will discover the true Marion -- at least in their respective paths -- with a nice chunk of 1-on-1 time to spend with that version of her before the end of the game.

My favorite LIs remain Geoffrey and John. Tall, dark, handsome and protective. But, now I can fully say, I will be playing every one of those paths. ;)

Looking forward to the Kickstarter! :)

Oooh, the new screenshots look great! Just a question, do we get to customize Marion at the start or something? I just assumed because she looks different in the Nottingham part, and has a different hair color (or is the blond in the screenshots not her?).
In any case, still adoring the character art, and the new backgrounds are superb. My most anticipated characters are still John and dark and sexy Geoffrey. So looking forward to this game, and the next demo! Gimme Gimme! :D

Ah okay, no worries! It's worth checking out if you like the premise. Great indie movie. :)

I'm really loving this game so far! Few adult games get me invested on this level - there's just something about this game that's really addictive.
I'm a female player, playing a female character, and find it nice to be able to go after thicc/built/bara-style guys like this, rather then pretty boys. I also love how you're not made to feel shit just because your character loves sex, and even with characters that do call you a slut, or whatever, you still retain power to own who your character is without feeling degraded (unless you want to). I wish more games took such a chill approach towards women enjoying sex as much as guys do.
I'm really looking forward to more content with Logan, Roushk and Gunnar (the caravan guard) - these three really interest me. Are we going to see 'romance storylines' for them around the same length as what we got for Bernard? Bernie is the sweetest. :)

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Really nice so far! Have you ever seen the gay movie 'Plan B'? Cos this reminds me a LOT of that movie, which was great (one of my all-time favorites).
Same premise of straight guy finds out that his ex is dating a new guy, and decides to get revenge by cozying up to her new boyfriend so he can break them up, but then the two guys have heaps in common, become close friends, and fall in love with each other (then the new boyfriend finds out about the guy's original plan, etc). Just curious!

I'm probably in the extreme minority here (?), but I actually really like Teak. Yeah, I know he's rough as hell with Luke, but I feel like there's a lot of potential for understanding to grow between them, and perhaps Luke, from his unique perspective as a human and 'outsider', being able to help Teak in ways others maybe couldn't?
Honestly, I love all of the good bois in the game, but I just find myself most intrigued by Teak. There's no reason why this route can't be absolutely amazing, and I'm really looking forward to future updates with Teak in them. :)

Just out of curiosity, how many romance-able characters are there in this game? 2 guys and 1 girl or..?

Yeah, I loved Hyosuke too. It would be great if a route for him could be added in future. :)

Very beautiful, but so sad! ;__;

This comment is gospel. Preach, sister! lol

Okay, prepare for me to gush. This game is amazing. I love everything about it - the writing, the characters, the drawing. The only thing I don't like is how torturous it is having to wait for each chapter to come out! Seriously, ugh! lol. It's proven to be worth the wait though. ;)

I love the minimalist 'sketch' style of the art in this VN. I dunno, it somehow just adds to the sort of dreamy, whimsical 'mood', as well as the originality of this VN - it wouldn't feel the same if it was colored, so I hope that aspect of it doesn't change. I feel like you've got something special with that aspect alone!

I also really love the characters in this, especially how you've developed Mathias in chapter 2. I already liked him in chapter 1, but now I feel like he's really matching up to our Knight Commander in character development, who was already brilliant. I love how the three personalities of the MC are so distinct, and different to experience. I'm also really interested to see how things go with Madras, both in terms of their 'intentions' towards our MC, as well as their relationship with Mathias.

Lastly, words can not express how much I love the dance of the relationship between MC and Mathias. It's so much fun to read. I'm enthralled! <33

I seriously cannot wait to continue reading this story. All the best for your work on this in future, and your life outside of it. :)

I have a question but it's probably spoilerish so I'll be vague. I discovered 'by accident' from Wayward Road, that a certain character whose name starts with Z is romanceable (which kinda shocked me tbh, I never would have guessed lol). Is said character actually romanceable in season 1 of Superstition, and you just have to try to be nice to them to unlock it, or is that only something that sort of starts in season 2? I haven't played S2 yet, I just want to find out if it's possible so I can go back and replay S1 going after Z 'the right way', before moving on to S2 with my C and S romances.

A Tale of Crowns (ATOC) is another great one. It's a Kurdish adventure romance. It's gets updated fairly regularly and is very well written. :)

Just a matter of personal taste, but visually I find the supporting characters more attractive then the LI's - they seem to have a lot of personality. :)

Oh gosh, I'm REALLY loving this game so far! I love your attention to imagery as well as your characterization, and the pace of the story is spot on. I also love the way you've given the role of Crown a real feel of weightiness - how our character realistically feels quite small and overwhelmed being thrust into this world where she has such unthinkable power and no experience whatsoever. In short, this story is pretty much everything I could want in a choice-based romance 'novel'. I'm seriously impressed. :D
Right now, Dara is my absolute best guy (I just adore him), although I also like Azad a lot. All of the LI's are well done though, and I can't wait to play with them all when you write their parts!
One question, will the romances get 'spicy' (please please)? Like, what are we talking for 16+ rating?
In any case, best of luck for this game moving forward - I'll be watching closely! :)

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Okay, Geoffrey takes the cake for me - he's even better then I imagined. I gotta have my Marion melt the heart of this ice prince, stat! :D

I'm really looking forward to the next demo, and to support the Kickstarter, which will knock it out of the ballpark, for sure! <3

I hope you and your family are staying safe, and that everything goes smoothly with your work on the game going forward. :)

EDIT: I gotta add, all of the character designs are outstanding. I can't wait to romance the hell out of all of them!

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Quite an intriguing start, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the continuation! The art style is gorgeous, and the characters fairly intriguing, insofar as we know of them. I also like the blood detail and description during *that* scene - does this mean we're going to get quite a mature-content game?

The only genuine nitpick I have is with the grammar and punctuation throughout - there's already quite a few mistakes in this demo. That being said, I get that this is probably an early build and hasn't been proof read, so if that's the case it makes sense.

There was also an issue when you have to pick a way to escape, where the description for the right option is cut off, but I assume you know about that already.

Two questions: Are you planning on making a version for PC that doesn't have the smartphone dimensions? And, are romances going to be mature/adult/erotic or something more tame?

(EDIT: Okay I just noticed the rating was 18+ so I guess that answers my second question. lol)

Thanks, and good luck going forward! :)

Hey thanks! :)

Love the game by the way - pretty fun and the illustrations are adorable! The only thing that would make it better is if it was a full length game, and you could become their manager with.. ahem.. "extra benefits" (if you know what I mean). Kick that rating up a notch! lol ;D

Quick question - I've gotten all the good endings with each guy (where each says they 'love' the manager), and correctly guess the quiz questions in the extra route, but for some reason I only ever get a 'worst' ending for that route, no matter what order I choose the guys in. What am I doing wrong and how do I possibly get an ending where the guys don't hate me in that route (or is it impossible?)? :/