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Huh, weird. Turns out I didn't put the player's hp in the save data. Now when you continue a game you will need to press the respawn button but it should be fixed. Just made a small tweak to my save system.

Mages And Magic community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

If you find a bug please report them here so I can fix them as soon as possible

If you feel the game is missing something, please say here!

Recently added a help page, please ask for help on anything you don't understand here and ill add it to the in-game help menu!

2352 on wave 15

Can't see if this is what I need for my game without buying the complete tool because I use mac...

This is better than Among Us

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My highscore is 1538 gems on wave 11

Thank You!

How Dare You Reply with such profanity

Scratch OS community · Created a new topic Lol

Nice to see htmlifyer being used on itch

Happy to help!

Hey, sorry about that. I have genuinely no idea why that might have happened. If you could give me some line of direct contact to you, I can send you the keys

Lol among us

This game sounds very cool!

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(Its because i joined the project) ;)

Thx. I designed it


A potato

ye. the customization button could sometimes take you into the game. Couldn't find a way to fix it so i left it there.

Please report any bugs you find in this game!

you use arrow keys for movement and space to dash forward

oh ok

laptop support maybe? I can't shoot but it looks good.

Yea I had a few better ideas like making the lava give you hp and the aim is to collect coins that decrease your hp but I didn't have much time so I will probably update it soon

Pod 51 community · Created a new topic Suggestions

If you have any suggestions of what to add to the game please post them here.

Pod 51 community · Created a new topic Bugs

If you find bugs when the game comes out. Please report them here

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Yes it does


As far as i can see, There is only a .exe. LOL Accidental Rhyme

Umm you added Linux Not Mac. LMAO


One other thing is that on laptop i can't switch between weapons that easily. I would personally suggest linking the weapons to the number keys and to the mouse so that more people can play. says i cant install it as a game because my computer is a mac not windows

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Sounds Cool. Unfortunatly i have mac

Just played through first level and so far it seems fine running on my mac. One thing to say tho is that  I have to get really close to the weapons to pick them up and even then if i move slightly, the ui can vanish. Just thought i would mention it.

Sure. I'll test it out

Cool looking but could you make a mac version?