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Late to the party, but if you are still listening:

  1. Download unrpa
  2. Use it to extract the contents of "scripts.rpa" that you'll find in the "game" subdirectory.
  3. Remove the "z.rpy", "z.rpyc" and "scripts.rpa" files.
  4. Start the game.

Spoiled conflicts with Ascetic, but not the other way around.
So, an ascetic slave can become also spoiled, by casting the Mutate spell on her.

In scripts\characters\, fear-related colors are wrong, I think. The code says:

    if person.fear <= 20:
        text += '[color=yellow]$name is not really afraid of you. [/color]'
    elif person.fear <= 40:
        text += '[color=#adff2f]$name has some concerns about your anger. [/color]'
    elif person.fear <= 60:
        text += "[color=green]$name knows well you can punish $him swiftly. [/color]"
    elif person.fear <= 80:
        text += '[color=#adff2f]$name shows heavy signs of fear with you around. [/color]' 
        text += '[color=#FFA500]$name trembles with fear whenever you are mentioned. [/color]'

while, to be consistent with the rest of the description, it should be:

    if person.fear <= 20:
        text += '[color=green]$name is not really afraid of you. [/color]'
    elif person.fear <= 40:
        text += '[color=#adff2f]$name has some concerns about your anger. [/color]'
    elif person.fear <= 60:
        text += "[color=yellow]$name knows well you can punish $him swiftly. [/color]"
    elif person.fear <= 80:
        text += '[color=#ffa500]$name shows heavy signs of fear with you around. [/color]' 
        text += '[color=#ff4949]$name trembles with fear whenever you are mentioned. [/color]'
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There's a cheat to detect pregnancies at a very early stage. Visit the slave guild, click "Services" and select your slave:
- if the "Sterilize" service is available, she is not pregnant
- if the "Commit Abortion" service is available, she is pregnant and she has completed at least 1/6 of her gestation period
- if neither of these two services is available (and your slave has a working womb), she has been impregnated a few days earlier (less than 1/6 of her gestation period)

If you appoint someone as Headgirl, she will alert you if a slave is pregnant, but not immediately. In the daily report you will read:
- at 40% of her gestation period: X appears to be pregnant
- at ~76% of her gestation period: X will likely give birth soon

If you open the slave's profile, you may read:
- at 25% (or more) of her gestation period: Her unborn fetus causes her belly to bulge slightly
- at 50% (or more) of her gestation period: Her advanced pregnancy is clearly evident by the prominent bulge in her belly
- at 67% (or more) of her gestation period: Her unborn child forces her belly to protrude massively; she will give birth soon

Did you unzip the archive, before launching the game? 

Amnesia potions remove the Rebellious state too and have no side effects.
I only rape slaves when I must train a doll for the corresponding repeatable quest.

It doesn't matter if you rape Emily or not. But if you let her go with her sister, she will come back either if her loyalty was 25 or above, or if you have helped her with 50 food and 50 gold. Maxed obedience is not enough.
If she didn't come back after 5 days and you don't want to start a new game: open your save, find "sidequests", replace the number next to "emily" with 0 and reload your save. Emily will wait for you in Winborn market again.

When I use an amnesia potion, I see this. A similar issue happens with hair dyes.

Both popups have "res://files/buttons/inventory/1.png", a transparent image, as texture. That PNG file is also used in Mansion.tscn and outside.tscn: I don't know if, in those cases, the transparency is required.

V0.5.24C, Win32

Will this game be on Steam? I don't have credit card but I can buy games on Steam via Steam Wallet code

Move the elixir into your backpack.

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These statements:

duration = rand_range(1,5)*globals.person.stats.smaf,
rewardpool = {bestialessenceing = (10 + (globals.player.stats.smaf*10))},

must be evaluated at runtime: I don't think you can put them in a dictionary like that.
I guess they have to be surrounded by quotation marks ("...") and passed as arguments to globals.evaluate(). See for instance the job parameter "unlockreqs" in jobs&,, which is evaluated in

if globals.evaluate(i.unlockreqs) == true:

May I suggest you start recruiting more people to work on the project to further improve the quality?

There are plenty of people who have experience with similiar projects out there who I think would be willing to join you.

For example these people:




        1. Musical Rythm
        2. Cyberpunk
        3. JRPG
        4. Riots
        5. Sandwitch
        6. New World Order
        7. Level is the GUI
        8. Zombies
        9. Working
        10. 4 Colors
        11. Collective Consciousness
        12. Persistence
        13. Froggo
        14. Battle Royale
        15. Placeholder
        16. Vampires
        17. If you kill the enemies, they win
        18. Clone a game and do it better
        19. Construction
        20. Multiplication
        21. Comic Book
        22. Falling
        23. Ball Sports
        24. Aliens
        25. Supernatural
        26. Traffic
        27. Shit Controls


        Monster Hall -

        Use Overview Map (it's built instantly, no need to end the turn)

        Monster Lantern -

        Obtain the recipe from Whispering Farms

        Last Step : give what the slimegirl asks for.

        (Monster Hall is located on top of castle , that is a staircase on far left of sleeping chambers floor)

        Just a Thought :

        Players always stuck in this quest , and I don't Think anyone can finish this quest without reading Walkthrough or posting them here .

        Lack of clues to keep certain levers on in some cases is the reason, if some clues implemented or removing exceptional levers may help reduce players stuck.

        Redwood Mansion Clues

        - check dead body , fireplace upstairs

        -  personal belongings upstairs

        - ask wife of the dead guy about potions

        - murderer is spoiler * check walkthrough for more guidance

        Priest in pink

        Capital building (not Aldyn ) 

        Upper Left room is the library

        Your pink sheep is right there

        Hola! Quería felicitarlos por el excelente trabajo que están haciendo con "Super Pilot" porque es lo más cercano que hay a F-Zero para PC. Me gustaría saber si en el juego va a estar la posibilidad de importar música (me encantaría agregarle música de F-Zero X porque amo el OST de ese juego). Y si va a haber un editor de naves (machine editor) como en F-Zero X Expansion Kit. Muchas gracias por leer mi comentario. Ya he comprado el juego vía STEAM porque confío en ustedes!!! Su juego es maravilloso y tiene todo el potencial para ser de los mejores que existen, especialmente para los amantes de los juegos Anti-Gravedad de carreras! Saludos.

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        Did you have conversation with the elf in witton? If you already did that , then:

        Goto Calbridge Stronghold

        Go behind the gambler ( a one block path on left back of gambler)

        It will look like dead end but it's not & Spam space bar while you go up & down.

        If it still doesn't work just do other quests .

        I also had trouble , I wasn't able to trigger until I finished most of the quests (Endgame) . It may need you to finish specific quest in order to trigger open the entrance.

        You can get to dorgania when you're close to Endgame. Don't Finish the game too soon ,just take it slow & enjoy the plot .

        Talk to Chief in Aldyn Blacksmith after Recruiting Mirel .

        Small Advice : Use Walkthrough PDF from downloads .

        Oh Thanks , It's been a long time since I played that I forgot what place is what. :P

        In Ebron - the elf wandering near Treehouse,

        In Red Keep - The solider on roof of right side of building by climbing the ladder,

        In Thremten - A guy in the house where healer (cleric) stands in front of the door.

        In Capital - Two women having a conversation in the Inn.

        Paverhill - Woman standing in front of fireplace inside building near left entrance.

        There is one more person , A Elf who is searching for the secret hot spring just like you somewhere in begus.

        That's all I can remember , Check on the end of the path on left side of gambler in Calbridge Stronghold if you found most of the NPCs.

        Secret hot spring path is back of the gambler in South stronghold , if I remember correctly you have to talk to several NPCs throughout Central,the snow country (forgot the name) & ebron to trigger or else you can't get there .

        (1 edit)

        You need to talk to the chief in aldyn , he is in the blacksmith shop , after you talked to him ,he will wait at South of vegetable shop (left bottom corner of the Aldyn map) , Talk to him again & he'll show you Ebron.

        Download walkthrough PDF 

        It has answers for most of your questions.

        Give it a Try it again , it's a tricky one , it is hard but not Impossible.

                         ***** Spoiler Spoiler *****

        You can find the bow during the quest where ebron chief asks you to clear bandits in the forest. On East side of village there is a Forest , head further East , There will be a couple of bandits near a camp fire, beat them & loot the place. Then head further East & you can see their Camp , sneak to the backside , this will trigger an animation where part members surround & attack the bandits . Make sure that you loot everything , even the tents , most of them will say "nothing interesting"  but one of them has a bunch of potions. After Finishing this Quest you must have also completed mirel's bow quest as well.

        If your problem is related to some bugs ,

        I got Nothin.

        (1 edit)

        There are some other text only scenes as well because this game is still under development , I'm sure you should have encountered other scenes like those by taking into consideration that you are at latest kellos Quest line.

        I'm not part of the development gangsta

        I am using pc version , I had the same bug where it shows 'build mine ' even though I started building it but after ending the turn it again asks to build mine ,I have spent 5× resources , Don't worry it will show like that , after 8 turns it will be built , ignore it's stupid status , don't spend extra resources like me .

        Although the real bug is it doesn't shows that it is being building , instead shows 'build mine' still the building will be completed exactly 8 turns.

        Characters that i cannot make pregnant or cannot unlock / trigger the scenes : Aleah , Firespirit , Queen , Grime ,Sia , Hellhound & Lielle

        and purple haired slave girlI is not yet unlocked in CG room even though I bought her .

        All these above characters can be made pregnant , but somehow i am unable to do so.

        I have completed most of the game quests & Built every building that can be built/Upgraded .

        Status of these girls so far in game :

        Aleah : unlocked good path & maid(bjob) scene

        Firespirit : Unlocked First Scene after First Encounter

        Queen : Finished upto silver tools quest & unlocked a scene

        Grime : bought & unlocked good path scene 1 (bjob)

        Sia : unlocked upto scene after bar Event

        Hellhound : unlocked scene upto secret bedroom maid dress strip tease

        Lielle : Upto Scene 2 after her quest in aldyn board

        I am aware that slave girls good path is not done , even ignoring the slaves i cannot seem to impregnate other characters no matter hoe many times I replayes the scene in CG room.

        I may have missed some triggers for certain events,please let me know what i am missing - Thanks in advance

        looking forward for dark elf action

        yo dude , you haven't even seen a descent part of the story line , don't jump into wrong conclusions , anyone who fucks more than one girl is a jerk , Besides don't insult the creators work comparing other's works , the hero in the game being selfish chaotic neutral jerk is what makes this game even cooler and eventually the girls fall for him .  Don't take this the wrong way , just play it for a while atleast , until you get what the game story line is about . 

        That's nothing... I had a SPACE FARING civilization that got the "Your STONE TOOLS are so effective the so-and-so wild beast was hunted to extinction, causing the collapse of your civilization due to food shortages."  Come ON.  With genetics, computers, even just basic agriculture this species ditched their stone tools ages ago and had no reliance on hunting.  This is a BUG.  If it helps (either debugging, or players trying to survive), one unusual thing about this species is they never developed fishing.  So maybe that's the underlying cause.  Still, it's pretty unrealistic and should be fixed.  Only example I could find though, of totally blatant breaking of the suspension of disbelief... so thumbs up on an overall awesome game and one of my all time favorites in the genre!