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The trailer

good game 



Very scary horror game.Game with perfect graphics and sound and sound

You have to get out of the old house.Game for fans of the horror genre.

Play if you're not afraid)).

I am also a game creator and really appreciate this game! The game doesn't have the best graphics, but the gameplay is very good! 4 stars

I really love this genre of the game! and this game is very good! I liked it!

when will the full version of the game be released

Well as you know)Your decisions

What? If you say about my game "Exit", then I will not write this comment! This comment wrote my friend!

abi ben de proqramistim bu sayta yeni qoydum oyunu !

bene maraqlıdı sen ne qeder para kazandın bu saytdan !

iki dovlet bir millet !!!!

abiii iyi oyun 

Azərbaycandan sene selamlar!

If you want to a key write in comments

I hope you like it

I played this game! did not understand the plot! but the graphics are cool!

I played this game, but I didn't like itBuna əlavə olaraq, bu barədə daha çox bilmək lazımdır.

The game is very very very bad

I love it

The game is very good
Path of Cure community · Created a new topic .

The graphics of the game are bad and the plot is not good

cool game

If you have any questions Please write in the comments

Hi, this is my first game, hope you enjoy it