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noticed  u had difficulty playing my game basically its just drag and drop i will come back and rate this game after i play it 

yo  uhhhhh sorry i forgot but just  drag and drop items on the  people the different items do different things lol

and again thanks for lightspeed6 for helping me out with the music

dang everyone here is so talented lol I can compete. This makes me want to learn a new engine and blender. U guys got this.  

its fine lol 

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 U get my email???

uhhhh i just want to hear your work first lol 

can i hear some music lol i am better at programing and art lol

ya  its meant to be faster paced but i can fix that lol 

i would say maybe speed the ball up i found myself waiting on the ball and idk if it would bounce or not 

ya there is a bug where the player character goes Faster diagonal

gb golf game?

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really fun score:556 

new score 726

new new score 1052

the players movement is joined together with the players hp

thanks.  We tried are best to make a fun game glade u enjoyed 

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thanks i did art and programing  an i totally spaced the difficulty scaling infinitely lol it only kinda scales 

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thanks. I we were going for crypt and hyper light drifter style mix. For art

i love this game  this   is great  a fun lix between a tower defense and a match 3 game 

good job 

i was working on a actual dungeon generation but i knew i could not get  it working on time so i just used what i had  its meant to be a short fun time based game   something u can player  a few rounds of and maybe come back 2   and if we do end up doing a post jam update i will be sure  to make it less repetitive  

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art is good   and  it is overall pretty solid  good job

it was a fun game but i  i feal like  the hp /eating mechanic need some work because i kept finding myself tanking everything because i can just regain it  but this was a fun experience 

pls leave your times with your comments 

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it is  fun but there is no way to die or win it is really just feeding  on  your brain wanting the number to get bigger   but overall i think it was good  score 41667    also u can rack up a ridiculous amount of moves i have 100 at one point in the game lol

in the description

its is  

 i like  horror games but i jump  at any loud noise   even gun shots in a fps if i dont expect them lol 

i am going to re rate  this because update 

ok thanks. Ya i want to add spicks and more wisp types and maybe moto bugs. And the boss stage

U need assets folder or data folder like in lost in dreams i believe it it called

thanks maybe if i do a post jam update

just package the  whole game into a  zip it usually gives u a folder with all the files 

uhhh there is a bug   u need to package the unity player.dll with the game  because it is  just giving me a error 

@Stars Studio did u use any  assets or anything or is this all your own  if so leave a comments so toast now  toast being the   host of the jam 

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i used the theme the only thing i did not  do is the audio was from green hill zone extended not mine 

me and my team are make a game for a kinda big project an we were wondering if we could get a few keys to u your software we are all free devs right now 

can we use prior work ? and if i  get selected how would u pay me i don't have a credit card  and is there a age restriction  


thanks for the input i was planning on making a few post  jam no idea if my team want 2 updates and this is greatly appreciated  

when the jam is over i will fix the difficulty and add some stuff we did not add but our only goal was to make something fun