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I saw your advertisement on Discord and I was bored and decided to come and check out your game. I don't typically enjoy 2D games however this one was pretty fun. It's very hard, even with the hints. It's actually 'The Impossible Adventure'. I love the V Series spinoff, and I also thought the intro was hilarious.

I donated $0.50 just to be nice, though I don't have a lot of money so I can't go any higher. I also see that this is your first game? And for a first attempt, it's actually very good. You can see how bad my first attempts were on my page. Keep this up and you'll be making some great games.

Could I use any of the modular packs in commercial projects? I was looking for some assets and these look pretty nice for what I might want.

Made me laugh

my username is "Syskeyed Dextop#4152" I think

If not here is a link to one of my servers

Could I add you on discord. I think I found an extremely serious bug (it's extremely, extremely fun though)

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A few more days we would have to complete? That would be awesome though I don't know where you could take it next. And yeah I absolutley loved the game. Most fun I had in a while

Hello, I absolutely loved your game. It was one of the best I have played in a while. I will upload a 4 part series but here is the first part. I had great fun playing through the entire game. It's completely original and something I have never seen before. Would there ever perhaps be a sequel to this game?

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Hi, I played around with the game for a while and uploaded it to YouTube. I love the game and I really hope that you take it somewhere. I would like a textured city with pedestrians and cars and a New York that feels alive, although I can't imagine how hard that would be and would probably take you years to do. I thought it was extremely fun and the reflections look really nice. I am really surprised that the game isn't more popular to be honest. I posted a mini review in the description of my YouTube video as well

Hello, I played your game! I posted a little mini review in the description of my Youtube video I really hope you do something good with this game, it has loads of potential. It feels like a demo of a brilliant game and I really want to play more

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Had fun with the game, it's pretty fast paced and fairly difficult. I think that the game is done very well and has just the right level of difficulty where it is challenging and fun at the same time.

Brilliant, fun, little game. Definitely worth trying, especially if you have  a friend you can try it out with

Post all suggestions here

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Report all bugs here

cant wait!

is there any more research to complete, like more mhz in our cpu?

what engine did you use? Btw i love the game, cant wait for the next update

i have 13 views and 83 downloads, what?