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do you have basic things, like winrar?

ah, okay, in that case thats probably not gonna happen

(2 edits)

really excited to play!

Will update with any errors and/or praises

Edit: have played it,

cons/errors: was pretty confident about my laptop, so i put medium and my 1366x768 and it was like 1 fps

soooo, i put low and 800x600 and was still really slow, like 20 now

so better optimisation is definetely necessary, and i dont really know why it is lagging so much, as i can play games like csgo with 120+ fps

Praises: great idea, pretty fun (as much as i could do with a slideshow)

and definetely waiting for updates

probably not, they're like call backs, or refrences to the og game

playing sans

Real fan / memer

maybe you have an older system?

May be that it is badly optimized for slower machines?

can you please explain what you mean here, as "on the web"?