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Thanks! Let me know what you think after!

That's fair! Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing! I agree the small play area is a bit of a problem. On the next pass on this one I'll definitely consider your idea. Also thanks for posting the vid! Super valuable cor seeing how other people play! 

Solid idea! Thanks for that! If it's pretty easy to get in, I should be able to add it on the weekend. If not, might have to wait a bit longer. I've been trying to be strict about putting these down at the end of each week and continuing with the next prototype.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback!

And totally--a major limitation in this prototype is that it's tightly coupled to the US-en QWERTY layout. For the future, I'm curious: were you pressing the key on your keyboard marked with the ' character on it, or pressing the key to the right of the ; key? If the second, does your ' key work to trigger the key in-game?

Thanks again!

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I left up top pretty blank for the "test game" feel, so let's do the rundown here.

This is another prototype-in-a-week: a puzzle game where you tap the buttons and things happen. It's definitely it's own sort of thing to make a puzzle game. I hadn't before, so this was a fun experiment. I hope you enjoy playing it, too! Let me know what you think here!

If you get stuck at any point, try making the button states match.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Oh yeah, pretty much by definition! Some of the lack there is by design, but I think what I will add is an indication of one of the options that isn't as obvious as it could be. 

Thanks for the feedback!

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Try bringing something else to them ;)  And thanks!

Yes, certainly! You have to manage your resources correctly in the final phase, i.e. you can definitely lose the game too. Now that you mention it, I should probably add something that will let you know you've gone too far to turn back.

Look for something like this when you click "Edit Game".

Yo, can you mark the .zip as being Windows compatible? It will help people install it via the app.

Seriously, keep going with this one! Concept is simple, fun,  and easy to keep playing! High mobile potential here with the mouse/tap only controls and turn-based play.

If you haven't tried this to rate it yet.. DO IT!

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I shall comment positively on your doings!

Nice work--the character art was goofy and charming! Great sound and music--especially the track for when the machine is placed down at the beginning. And the turn-based RPG is a classic formula--plenty of fun there!

Also, was it three cookies or three-factorial?

Had fun with this! I wasn't especially good at it, though, haha! Nice use of the palette, and the cohesion between the visual and sound styles is tops!

For the record, I reuploaded the web version with a handful of added "floor(...)" calls because it turns out the GameMaker HTML5 export doesn't have true integers. This led to a bug in the web version where, after planting the last tree, Blobert would just stand and wave for eternity while the trigger for the shutter animation never technically occurred. Well, now I know for next time! Cheers!

Thank you; looking forward to implementing it!

Shucks! Thanks swani! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Thanks Scripts! Glad you enjoyed it--yeah I had to cut some gameplay to finish it for the deadline. Basically seeds will be less plentiful at the end. That way, you have to balance knocking down trees for materials with making sure you don't kill all the trees off in the process.

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Thanks! I agree regarding the theme strength; I'm going to finish the rest of the gameplay I planned--basically seeds will be less plentiful at the end, so you have to balance knocking down trees and growing them to get enough seeds to grow them  all!


Thanks Lenny!

Thanks!  👌

Thanks for the feedback! Once I get the physics jank sorted, I'll def be looking at some speed-related concerns. I had in mind a fast-forward button of sorts, since the outcome is essentially determined before the ball even moves

Played for a while and read the post-mortem. What's there is brilliant, and it seems like you have the rough parts figured out already (based on the post-mortem). Charming and straightforward, but definitely needs that on-off switch! I'll be keeping an eye to see if you take this one further. Great work!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely with you on the feeling of balance. I think it has to do with the winning player not having anything  to do wihile they are winning. A friend suggested having the scoring player point the ball for the next round, which I'm experimenting with presently. 

I most likely will change the scoring following some other planned changes--as long as it still seems needed. I'm thinking either streaks or more standard tally-up scoring. 

Also, yeah, the idea of upgrades is almost a given in a game like this! I am especially interested in the effect of other block shapes on play. 

Thanks again for your interest and feedback!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed playing it! I do plan on adding a bit more to it, and I'll post to the devlog as I do. Cheers!

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EDIT: I'm a doofus and never published the sale. Keeping it on until July 3 now.

I'm proud to announce Convergence Compulsion is joining the Summer Sale!
This week, for $1 USD, you can get this chaotic, colorful game on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android!

(Psst! There's also a playable demo on the game page, so you can check it out in your browser right now!)

Convergence Compulsion is an arcade-style game where you match colors, dodge obstacles, and collect power-ups to rack up a high score! Supports mouse, keyboard, gamepad, and touchscreen input.

Notes regarding the demo: gamepad not supported in the browser, and request the desktop site on mobile. I'm hoping to resolve both of these soon.

Try it out! Or watch this trailer here--either way, thanks for the time and I hope you have fun!

Fixed now in 0.5.1

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As a matter of philosophy, the color should never be the source of difficulty. I've been trying to find some science to help out with picking up good colors. Might just need to punt and prevent certain pairings.

Thanks man! I'll be working that one out on stream tomorrow!

Def giving this a try when I get home! Nice work on the visual style!!

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Convergence Compulsion is still in beta, as there are a number of features I hope to add before calling the game feature-complete. Most of what will change is the addition of new power-ups and platforms to play on. Here's the general idea of what I'm going to add to the game before it goes into a more bug-fixes-only mode. (This is obviously subject to change based on feedback during the beta.)

  • Before July 1, 2018
    • Add a gravity power up that for a short period causes all existing and new obstacles to fall to the bottom of the screen. The player also falls, but gains a "jump" while gravity is active.
      • I'm gonna move this out past some of the other platform releases, and maybe only if there's a good number of requests.
    • Add a time-stop power up that stops the oncoming waves, allowing the player to converge on their color at their leisure for that one set.
      • COMPLETE!
    • Add a "power up" that causes the next set of waves to come in from the top and bottom rather than the sides. The next waves will resume from the sides.
      • COMPLETE!
  • At a future date
    • Release the game on Android and Amazon Fire--and in their respective app stores.
    • Release the game on iOS and in the App Store.
    • Release the game on Steam.
    • Definitely some kind of options menu for volume, and rumble settings--at least.

Anyway, that's the plan so far. If I'm missing anything that is going to prevent you from enjoying the game, let me know! Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for getting into Convergence Compulsion while it's still in beta! Let me know what you think of the game here: accolades, criticisms, issues, bug reports, ideas--anything goes, just keep it PG!

Also, if you're reporting issues, be sure to include each of the following.

  • What version of the game you were playing (i.e. the number, like 0.1.0)
  • What platform you were playing on (windows, linux, etc.)
  • What input method (mouse, keyboard, gamepad, etc.)

Good luck! Have fun! And thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'm glad you had a good time! And fun fact: that reader mail byte comes from the episode we named our game after.

Thanks Doodle! I appreciate the feedback, too. I've been trying to iron out the sound thing from the get-go, but my technical chops are a bit dulled from disuse. I know the coin noise is jarring for how often one hears it; were there any particularly abrasive ones for you besides that?

Great concept for the title! The whole design was clean and fun! I love the way you posed the geometric towers against the amorphous Jelly. And extra props for making you game immediately extensible with the map editor!

Charming and fun! I hope you do add a couple more "days" of play!

Tons of fun! The controls are mind-bending at first, but you get used to them quickly. And the aesthetics are top notch! I will be coming back to this even after the jam!

As far as tuning/tweaking: it's very easy to get into a death loop in the tutorial. I died, then the enemies camped on the drop point, so I just kept dying. Other than that, it felt a grating to me that while the circle-me enemies are not just immune to the beam but kill you if you beam them. I think even describing them as "deflecting" the beam would set the expectation better. 

Thanks for putting together another fun jam!