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Merci pour l'idée, je n'y avais pas pensé :)

Thank you for your feedback ! I will take under advisement

Thank you ! I think release a desktop version in post jam :)

Merci pour ton retour :) J'en prend note !

Merci pour ce jeu très détente ! 

C'était hard mais j'ai beaucoup aimé les mécaniques pour le boss final.

Félicitation !

Ça envoie du lourd ! Merci pour ce jeu :)

J'ai bien aimé la dynamique du jeu et l'intro également haha. Il y a un point frustrant, les transitions (le fade In/Out) sont beaucoup trop longue à mon gout.

Sinon le jeu est top !

Vraiment fun comme idée de jeux. Et le son accroche bien au jeu

Félicitation !

This little game is very pretty ! He would be fine to can choose the house shape and the rotation is strange ( Must pass the item on the rotation button for rotate it ?)

Good job :)

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I love this multiplayer game, all graphical elements are pretty. But I think the player animation can being better. Good job and Keeit u

Souls Fayber is a 2D game. In this game you would like to catch several lost souls. All souls are dispersed under the world. Find them all, good luck ! The game offer you a little tutorial and story before to starting your adventure. The little bonus : You can change the game color during your exploration !

The game page !

Have fun !

Thanks for your video :)

Thanks ! In fact, the message that a card is unlocked should not be displayed at each fight. A forgotten on my part. I will fix it !

Thanks for your feedback :)

You're right, I did not even think about that idea. Thanks !

A beautiful little game ! It's just missing the audio, the rest is perfect :)

I like the idea but some element has bug and it make the game difficult to play him. The sound work fine with the game. With a good texture polish the game will be very good ! 

A cute game. I love it ! Maybe a little short but really fun :)

Thanks !

Thanks to you :)

Thank you for playing ! I have see than the Robship has blocked you. The keyboard key for flying is "Z". I will fixed that on the new release. 

Très belle réalisation, c'était un plaisir d'y jouer :)

Bon travail !

I have find your puzzles pretty fine realize. I need more it ! 

Thanks for this small game :)

Beautiful game, that was a pleasure to play ! Again a good realization with PICO-8, it's time to try it :) the difficulty was fine, so no nervousness. I have past a good moment to explore him without to dying a lot.

Félicitation !

Thank you for your feedback ! I will take a closer look my player sprite to solve this. Thank :)

Thanks for your feedback :). I take note of all that. It's true that the goal can be complicated to understand. I will introduce some explanation next time ^^

Oh thanks ! What tou said  touches me a lot :)

Simply put, the generator works with energy that you can harvest by cutting grass, killing monsters or collecting water. The goal is simply to keep as long as possible.

Thanks again :)

Thank you :) It was a pleasure to propose this little game for the Heart Game Jam.

Thanks :) I plan to add more levels and make it a complete game if the game meets a minimum success ^^

Thanks :) 

the Puzzlescript idea looks interesting I'll try one day and see what I can do with.

Everyone at the sea !

hoo thanks ! In additionnal the interface is well done

Thanks !

Do your best guys haha !

btw who has a good website for somes little sfx ? I need it !