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oh! Sorry about that! I'm new at this type of things and I didn't know about that, but thanks for the opportunity anyway! I don't care of rankings anyway, I just want people play my game.

Hi! I'm Ephex, and I've been working on horror games for almost two years now with game maker studio. I've started a bunch of projects from the start, but I didn't finish it all. From the start, I made horror 2d games, just for fun. But then, I learned 3d and I started a couple of projects in FPS, but it was too hard for me. When I had an idea, an error popped at me and forced me to leave thst project apart because i just couldn't find the way to solve it. But finally, I started the "Void" game project, and it gone well! It turned out to be my first finished game, and then I met Kire Jam, the guy who made the soundtrack, and it was really cool to work with him. I think the atmosphere does the touch to it, but that is your choice. The game is submited to the jam btw.

PS: sorry for my bad english ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

cool one! It would be cool if you added a bit of storyline, like a level world, multiple bossfights or something like that... But good work anyway!

no problem buddy! I'll check it out.

Btw, name Idea: "Emptiness"; pretty poetic, eh?

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Thanks! I really appreciate that!

Cool! Very interesting game, as long as I played... It's curious because it's named exactly as my "The Void" game... if you like retro fps games, you'll surely like it.

PD: I'm not spamming, it's just an opinion.

Welp, I wanted to make a second ending, but I really didn't have any more Ideas at that point, and also, it took very long to do the game, because it was a hobby I was doing in my free time. School didn't give me such opportunity to do it out, as well as my computer didn't support that big of a project (I have a very bad PC, by the way). Also, I did the wall's collision map as small as I could, to make the walls less sticky, but it didn't work very well. I would be grateful if you would understand that, if I made the collision map smaller, the first person cam would enter inside the walls in some points. Sorry for the disappointment. Maybe There will be more projects like this in the future... If there are, surely I'll try to do a second ending...

Anyway, Thanks for the opinion!

PD: Sorry for my bad English ๐Ÿ˜…

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I didn't tried it yet and it seems so interesting! Surely I'll try it out... also, if you like this kind of themes, maybe you'll like my game "The Void".... I'm not trying to spam, I'm just trying to grow a little bit, and creators can help each other!