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I've had a look too, I was a bit disheartened when I saw Crap Game Project on the title. You should have more confidence in your work, and give others a sense of projection of where your project is going. Add some screenshots and more story to your page. I use RPG Maker, so I am already screwed, You should really go for it, a web browser game it's pretty great way to release a game. I wish I could do that with mine. You've come this far, but please, go a little further. :)

Playtesting from the very beginning to ensure new players are still having the best possible experience. I will be fixing bugs causing  issues. There are not many at all. Thank you for being so kind to await the next update which has not arrived as planned. 

All listed bugs here will have been fixed when this months update arrives. 

Here goes. 


Sonnoko Village West. Currently a tree is blocking the move route event leaving the player stuck. This would prevent exploring the area due to event being on until it has fully completed. 

I have adjusted the move route and you will be able to explore freely. 


Somehow when you reach Telana Village you're transported to Kaya on arrival. 

No idea how this happened and this breaks the game entirely. 

An event on the map set to trigger at arrival of Telana caused the issue. No idea how that got there and has now been removed meaning you can enjoy the story as intended in this update. 

Is there anything I can change?  Anything you would like me try to do better, I'm open to your ideas, let em out. :)

Some good progress on the update, it's going to be a good mix of story and adventure.

New maps are much more detailed this time around. I hope you'll be back at the end of August to try them out!

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The new update is looking like it will be August 31st. I've made sure to give myself enough room to get everything done so you don't have to wait any longer then planned. Stay good.

I'm here today for any questions or support. Have a good one.

Please leave any questions here, I'm available for support all day today and working on new content for Heavens Heroes.

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Thank you so much to the player who donated 2 dollars! Please enjoy Heavens Heroes and the great new updates and story on the way. 

At the final hurdle of the update progress. I'll do my best to have this out for tomorrow.

I really am sorry for the late update. I really appreciate your understanding so I can be sure you have a great addition of content with no problems.

Thanks for viewing, I really hope that you are good. At the moment I am carefully trying not to spoil the future update, so it's really taking some thought process to make sure it all fits together. This update could roll in to August. 

Added a screenshot today. I'm not sure how you'll enjoy the next update, It's a twist that I have been waiting to add in. Say a hello, leave a word of encouragement, or just leave random gibberish. Have a good day.

I've added new screenshots and a notice about a event bug towards the very end of the game so far. Please leave any bug reports here so I can do everything to resolve for July update.

Download was just updated. Sorry about that.

The download is now available. Thanks so much for taking a look.

Hello all.

I've been running a free to play project here on 6 months,  I've been working on my game almost 4 years using RPG Maker VX Ace, and wondered if anyone cared to try my game out, who doesn't mind the game engine at all. My title has been a work in progress but I have kept making updates each months to the story, expansion and improvements while overcoming many obstacles and challenge's.


Choose your gender, rename and experience a story that differs between the chosen gender, the player, and what has been done in game.

Travel across many different lands. A great many maps recently refurbished made bigger, better and much more fuller!

Crafting, Card Battling, Raising a loyal pet, and so much more!

A well written story with 100's if not close to a 1000 pieces of dialogue and a closely nit story, with a great cast of characters with their own unique feel to them.

Playtime minimum around 3 hours, I've clocked up 14 hours on my main save.

95% of additional scripts coded and worked on by learning Ruby Scripting, around 5 or so were made by other creators of the RPG Maker community.

I hope you'll enjoy having a sit through.

Thank you so much. :)

I've really put in some lengthy miles to the project with overhauling the story and making some big and juicy maps!

Things are shaping up, it would be great to hear back from some of you. I feel like the man on the moon at the moment.

Send a shout!

I've spent around 30 hours over the past week polishing, playing and testing the new update. I've really surprised myself on this one.

Many improvements and really hoping the lack of sleep / social life pays off for the update to happen 31st May.

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Tutor Mary - Okay everyone! Gather up! It's time to teach you how to play Heavens Heroes.

Ant- Uuughh,,

Eric- Better then going out in the rain.. Why can't it always be sunny?!

Claire- Hehe

Ant- Your face makes it rain

Eric- Nuuuuuuugghh.. You're breath makes it rain..

Tutor Mary - Gosh, Okay! So firstly this game is an RPG.

Ant- Does it have explosions and stuff?!

Eric- Are their any airplanes? Can I fly?!

Tutor May- Well.. Um.. No Explosions.. Well.. Some Explosions, and.. I'm not sure about Flying.

Ant- OOOH.. I'm ready! I wanna play!

Tutor Mary - So.. first off.. Heavens Heroes Unite....

Ant- Wut kinda name is that?

Eric - Can I change the name to Epic Adventure RPG!?

Claire- OOOOH I can play as a girl!?

Tutor Mary - Well, there are some options to change your name and choose to play as a boy, or a girl!

Ant - Cool!

Tutor Mary - Now the story is about going off on a great adventure.

Ant - Can I use super powers?

Eric - Can I  fly?

Tutor Mary - Well, you never really know! You can however battle, and that's fun because you can level up

                               earn items, and gain rewards!

Claire - Wow!

Tutor Mary- Certainly!

Claire- I like the Slime monster, It's cute!

Tutor Mary -Sure, and they drop Jelly Drops, which can be used to craft potions!

Ant - I like to make stuff!

Eric - Same here!

Tutor Mary - As you play through the story, you'll also meet new characters who join your team, and have a pet to raise!


Tutor Mary- And you can name your pet anything you like!

Ant - Anything? So can I choose Poopie as a name?

Tutor Mary - Well.. If you.. like?

Ant - And gshdgjagsjgdgsj?

Eric - That's not even a name..

Ant - Yes it is!

Eric - Then spell it!

Ant - I... T...

Tutorial Mary - Now as you play though the story you'll visit many different places.

And you'll find many people, some of whom you can help, and you'll be rewarded!

Ant - It costs lots of money for my help!

Eric - *sigh*

Claire - I hope to help many people in the game!

Tutorial Mary - Now, next lesson. I will teach you some of the options this game has!

Ant - Okay!

Eric - Cool!

Claire - I love this lesson!

=Lesson 2=

Tutorial Mary: So to begin with we have lots of options to choose from.

Firstly, there is Menu, and this opens up the main menu where you can make lots of changes, and save your game.

Ant: Can it auto save?

Tutorial Mary: Unfortunately, No..

Tutorial Mary: And because this game is still being made we'll make extra saves in case something goes wrong.

Eric: I best not forget! I don't want to keep doing all stuff over again.

Claire:  Outfit, what's that option?

Tutorial: Well then, you'll be able to change in to different outfits.

They can be unlocked as you're playing through the story.

Ant: Cool!

Eric: What about Pets?!

Tutorial Mary: You'll find your pets happy stats and bonuses on there. Though it's locked for the time being.

Tutorial Mary: Next is More. That opens up Option 1 and Option 2 and there are many other customization options.

Changing your window skin, activating Assist mode and even the Lighting scrip can be switched on or off!

Ant: Wow.. It sounds so complicated, but I'll try some of those options!

Tutorial Mary: Well, that's the options covered. Next lesson. Travelling!

I would firstly like to say hello and thank you for reading my post here, it's been a rough attempt at releasing a game so far so here goes.

Heavens Heroes: Unite is a story, action, adventure RPG set in a world that is slowly being pulled in to an abysmal rift. Sounds great?,-,

Soo.. What happened?

Kaiyoki, the main character you play as, loses his family and friends in a turn of events that breaks him almost to becomes hopeless. With hope and new found friends, and allies he is on an adventure, but unknown to him a supernatural force his leading him and trying to catch his attention, Kaiyoki is becoming a part of something so much bigger that as the story unfolds over the next set of released chapters, his life, the life of his sister and Mother, Father and beyond become changed in unimaginable ways.

What is it about? >.>

Title Features,

At least 2 whole hours of game-play, which is story! (That is no exaggeration) I've tried to make the best use of story telling with events and cut scenes to bring a story to life the best I can using RPG Maker VX Ace.

Explore great locations that connect seamlessly, small but well designed maps with secrets and more!

A cast of great characters that are very likeable and relatable.

Kaiyoki just wants to find answers, but the journey has many plot twists and turns, you'll be surprised at every opportunity!

Easy to get in to, built in tutorials and mini battle tutorials, custom menus, lighting and additional options including changing battle music and window colors.

Change the direction of NPC's that you meet, even encourage them to be more then what they are.

Have a pet that will truly look up to you, or down.. How you take care of it really depends on it's behaviors!

A story that will evolve, your world will change, each new chapter will bring an edge of difference that no other player may experience.

Great mixture of music, classic RPG Maker tracks, additional DLC and some self made. (I'm working on my own so It's a challenge to do it all, but I'm trying)

I don't like RPG Maker Games though...

I understand it's a huge sacrifice using this program to make a game, It's RPG Maker.. But I hope I did it well! Because when used well it's F*kin awesome! Although there have been so many slacker projects. I've really put 3 years in to this project and 300+ Hours clocked on Steam as with 500 or so more learning and researching, and best of all. Heavens Heroes is free to play. Extensive testing, released with bugs spent the past week fixing and resolving broken parts leading to it's 2nd release!

What's the catch >.>

There are non. Heavens Heroes is free to play, I won't monetize the chapters coming forth, but if you would like to donate, I would put it in to Heavens Heroes, money is not my catch, but it would help a brother out.

Who are you?

Just the usual guy, who spends allot of time soul drained at work, and spends spare time making Heavens Heroes: Unite when at home with a few hours to spare. I'm nothing special, but it would be great to make Heavens Heroes an epic adventure full time. Currently I spend at least 1 - 2 hours a day on the project.

What is the meaning of life? Do you believe in aliens? Is Chuck Norris really invincible. I have no idea..

However, ask me any other questions about my game and I could give you some answers.

If you have any questions about this project then go ahead and ask away. I'll reply as soon as possible!

Here you can introduce yourself and be a part of the community for Heavens Heroes.

Only the most sneaky bugs can be found, I've only found a few over the past day or so from someone playing for the first time.

I've played at least 100 times or more myself so the help is encouraged! This has been a massive project overall, and an unexpected ride.

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Welcome adventurers.

It's been a rocky release with some hidden bugs just managing to pop up after I decide to free the game for all to play.

I've had some great help with bug reporting from Whitetiger Ex, who has helped shaped the new update with some fixes

especially for Kaiyoki in battle. I think he misses way too often, and we need him to hit a little better this may take a little time to resolve, even though his Double Attack is set to 100%.. :'( It's meant to be a builder for advanced attacks.

Doing my best on this one, please download the update also as Clara has now improved and she can easily build her TP better when using magic attacks + Lightning can cause critical damage :)

Didn't think I would still be up past my bed time to make sure everything works properly, I really urge any feedback.

Any other suggestions or feedback is so very welcome. Chapter 4 is being worked on with bigger maps, challenges and more story!

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Chapter 4 writing, scripting and event editing has started! It will build off the end of Chapter 3 with some questions yet to be explained, you'll uncover more, very soon!

(1 edit)

There's at least 600+ hours gone in to building, testing and getting this far. I promise.

You'll find a story driven adventure RPG with many great RPG elements.

The trailer doesn't do the game justice, but it's the best I could do.

I've added tutorials, and other great features in to make Heavens Heroes as easy to get in to as possible.

This title is free to play, and more expanding chapters are being built. You'll receive free updates that build the game further.

The game is rated for everyone. And I understand it's RPG Maker and lots and lots of bad RPG Maker games tend to be un-original. I really tried to not make that mistake and put so much passion in to the project knowing it could fail because of the engine used. I just want to tell a story, and give a great game go!

I'm really hopeful for any input, more updates are on the way. I'll keep a devlog active on the progress too.

I really, really hope you enjoy it and would love to hear of your experiences.

Works only on Windows

I've been receiving feedback by a few people I know who have found the font to be very large, this is due to a font I have called Nyala not being present on Windows 10 (unexpected bug) Please download the font here:

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Thank you very much for your reply, K-crow. I've done a ton of research, and certainly want to do it all the right way. Just having a good place to place the game to would be great. seems like the one to try. :)

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Hello all

I'm close to releasing a new game here, and hopefully on I'm kind of hoping for  more seasoned developers to answer this one. I have a  project I've been working on for the last 3 years, I'm a bit worried.. I've just built the page here and hoping this is a good place for releasing a game. How well would you recommend itch? And, Would I be signing anything away once I upload my game here?

Not sure what to expect, here is my page:

Thanks for any advice.