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Entercraze Software

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ok, thanks ^^

Created a new topic 2 small questions

hey, first of all nice idea for a game jam. :) i got 2 small questions.

1. you said that the game can require the player to use a dice or a coin. can i also require it to use playing pieces?

2. can i also requiere the player to cut certain sections of the paper off?

thanks for your suggestions. :)

since the game is an endless "runner" like flappy bird for example adding more pictures doesn't really make sense in my opinion, but i will ad a video or gif.


i just released a small game called "Raumfahrer 3017". "Raumfahrer" is german for "space rider".. however it's a small 2d (pseudo 3d) game. You have to steer a spaceship trough and asteroid cluster and also have to avoid aliens.

It's not completly finished yet. Many textures need a lot of work and i'm also planning to add a system, that makes the game harder, the longer you survive.

However, i would already love to get some feedback from you guys. here it is.




i recently had an idea for a game and i just made and released the first prototye.

In You Are Two you play as two robots, who have accidentally been set to operate at the same frequency. Now you need to get to your robot colleges to change each others frequency.

Good luck!

You Are Two is an early prototype. It currently contains 4 levels, but more will be added in the future. I really your appreciate feedback.


thanks :)

but all the levels are now build for this exact speed. increasing it would make the game way easier.

itch.io community » Game Development · Created a new topic Robonized
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I just released my very first game made in GM: Studio on itch.io and would love to get some feedback :)


In Robonized you play as a robot in a post apocalyptic world world, where humans are long extinct. You get captured and imprisoned by other robots who are trying to form an alliance, to protect themselves. Your goal in Robonized is, to escape form the prison and fight your way to freedom.