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Thank you very much, I am glad that you liked the game.  :)

Nice Game, it is realy Green, and it make´s me addicted, because of this game im now a Green God, thx you very much. keep it up.

Realy Nice Game, But i don´t get it why my dino coin´s go in the negative numbers.

Realy Nice Game ! I do not know why, but this game just makes me addicted the graphics attracts me to the music is not exaggerated but quiet, this mix is perfect keep it up

It´s A clicker Game but for me it feels´s like an Aim Trainer, But A Good Game. Good Job.

Great Game I find this game principle interesting, and you can practice fast mouse movements.

Good Job.

Good Game but realy hard to play. I like the idea and the Gameplay but it take´s to long to to get up on a mountain. but in itself a good game. Good Job !

Realy Nice Game ! i like it that the cucumbers have a healthbar, to come up with such an idea is awesome. keep it up.

Nice Game, I Like The Reaload controlls, Please Realese A full version of this game.

maybe with train crashes and bridges. but I had a lot of Fun By playing this game. :)

Cool game, And no Download, Make please a second Part

Reales incomming today