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Like the Game, it is Realy Easy to understand but is Challanging, and thats what i like about it, i like the Challange and that you have to be Fast.

good work keep it up :D

Im Glad you Like it :D

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is an 2D Platformer where your goal is it to get to the goal as fast as possible.

the game is still under Development so things could change.

if you want you can test it out :D

and also give some feedback only if possible-

a TestBuild is released for testing, but will be removed as soon as an newer version releases.

YYP Maker community · Created a new topic Realy Helpfull :D

the Tool works great.

i had a few problems since switching to 2.3.

and the Tool has fixed them all.

good work keep it up :D

Realy Nice Game, in my oppinion this game has Potencial.

you could make an Full Game out of this, I would definetly play it.

the Graphics were awsome, the sounds where not to agressive, and the Kill feedback and weapon feeling was great.

realy nice, looks good, feels nice and was fun.

good work keep it up.

Nice game, like the animation, and graphics.

and the music is epic-

good work keep it up :D

Nice game, simple and fun.

i like the kind of view and that your allways moving.

good work keep it up :D

im glad you liked it :D

p.s. yeah the end is a bit buggy, there should be someting but it didn´t get´s triggered every time

glad you like it.

p.s. yes it´s true

thanks for your feedback :D

im glad you like it

Nice game, the atmosphere is great and the Visuals are awsome.

the spiders scared me every time.

good work keep it up :D

Nice Game, the Visuals are great and the feeling with this music was great.

deep and mysterious.

good work leep it up :D

Nice Game, and the Look is Fantastic.

a little hard, but makes fun.

good work keep it up :D

I dont realy know what the goal is.

but I enjoyed the game

good work keep it up :D

Nice and Funny Game.

I dont know if the Gdot face is an Hidden Icon, because thats the only one i found.

good work keep it up :D

thanks for Playing, glad you liked it :D

p.s.i should have done a Tutorial ingame, true

That is Incredible.

i love the Concept and the Gameplay

good work keep it up :D

Nice Game, like the Concept.

felt nice to Play.

good work keep it up :D

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Thx m8 :D

Thanks :D

realy good game enjoyed it, the movement felt very smooth and the idea is great

good work keep it up :D

now it´s easier but still scary :D

yeah, it´s a nice twist

p.s.glad you like it :D

Nice game, you got me.

but sometimes i died at the beginning.

still good game :D

Nice Game :D

and this sound is just awsome XD

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glad you liked it :D

p.s.the Ending get´s me every time

this is an Realy Good game

i realy Enjoyed it :D

if ther will be an Expanded version ill play it

in my opinion this game has potencial

Thanks for the Review m8,

apreciate it :D

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yeah, i was a little lazy adding text, but i could add some

but glad you like it :D

Realy Nice Game

the Visualls are Awsome

and the  Music gives it this good feeling

Story is a Little Short

but the Game is Great ! :D

That´s an Nice Game

I like the Idea, if there is an expanded Version of it in the Future

ill play it :D

This game is Realy Good, Nice Idea, nice Effects, and a Nice Kill feedback

Good work :D

Glad you  Liked it :D

p.s.I know what you mean, that feeling when you dont know, is he left or is he right ?.

acually it was an Bug, because i didn´t add Rotation to the 3d Sound.

but i decided to let it stay as an scary Feature.

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Im glad you liked it :D

p.s. I could rewrite the Pathfinding or change it.

I know he shouldn´t be stuck at the walls, but otherwise you could say he is Starring at you form the distance.

but the "Real" 3D sound is way to hard and challanging to me.

meaby i should switch to Unity for 3D.

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same for me, the Play button doesn´t do anything

Nice Game, the feeling of the guns are very nice and the animations are great :D

good job 👍

finaly something different, Nice Game :D👍

Cool Game Looks good and was Fun to Play 👍

btw, here is a link for the Song :

F u n k - t i m e  :D