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super calming, also loved the ending <3

OW OW okay that's so cool

freaky as all hell, but cool, i love how the text slows down sometimes and the echo is awesome. uh, couple spelling errors, in the word "brake" it should be "break" and there's another beore that i forgot but sitll there. love this so far!

i do have a question- what war was this about? as in, what country, if you don't mind me asking? it's an amazing concept

cLAP CLAP CLAP wow this was good

so confused, but that's the suspense that i needed

this is very cool, and like- i love it so much, that my choices did not indeed matter. very awesome /gen

drink some water!

i love that these are accurate! it inspires me to make something bout flower meanings <3

i'm glad you enjoy my pain /lh

it was awesome, btw :D

o/o/ hi just here to say i just started this and i already see you've put  a lot of research into this! the norse runes at the front mean strength (uruz) protection (algiz) and joy (wunjo)! relaly cool :D

..... so fun fact! i forgot i had this on! and then it screamed at me, and then I jumped! i cannot wait until this thing is on during an exam and i just


this is an amazing idea i love this chaos

all i have to say to this: thank you.

also, cat. love the babeeeeey

o/ o/ first off- love this so much, it really warmed my heart? dunno how to say it but it's amazing

secondly, it's nice to meet another australian haha- out of the blue ik but we're an endangered species

thirdly, thanks for helping me get through stuff <3 your games and your writings and everything are so- like- yknow the feeling of warmth when you're just alone, but you're enjoying like the view or something? that feeling. thank you <3

can i please pull froggy out of the pot?  i want to pull them out and hug them.

i'd just like to say, your games are a huge inspiration to me. they're comfort games to me, and i really do hope you're alright. thanks for making these, and have a lovely day <3

...casually sending this to my online friend who's name is fishee...