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Hey, thanks so much for giving the game a run!  Glad to see you enjoyed it :D 

You'll be happy to know I'll be giving each of my games a 3D makeover to better understand the inner workings of 3D in Godot, before bigger projects. That's where some new minigames and expansions of the idea will be added. 

I've had a pretty long hiatus due to life circumstances, but I've been getting back into the swing of things recently! The next project to come out will be a small top down 2D puzzler, using elements of magnetism as a basis for the puzzles.  The concept is simple, but hopefully the puzzles are not! 

The @enmodgames Instagram Story has been (and will continue to have) on-the-fly dev updates as they happen.  Updates in general can be found there, on Twitter, or Facebook (same handle)!

Checking this one out soon!

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it :) Those clowns are definitely difficult, my only tip is to keep your distance haha.

Thanks ^_^ 

You've uncovered my master plan: plunge my users into bugs head first and clean up the mess later >:} haha.   For real though, I'll have to look into how Godot handles XInput itself and that should mitigate a lot of controller support problems.  

Wow that's evil. what kind of monster would allow this to happen in his game D: lol well I'm not sure honestly why it's not working right for you in Linux Mint...that's based on Ubuntu so if it works in Ubuntu it should be fine in Mint, unless Mint does something different with controller input.  The wonderful world of Linux hardware support :D

Sorry for missing the info in your last post, my brain completely did not register that info at all haha.  Thanks for that link though! The fact that it's wireless might be the thing then; I haven't done any testing for any quirks of wireless controllers.  I just wanted to get this game out after the jam I missed with it lol.

The reason for that was the schedule, I like eating and not dehyrdating ;_; lol

Yep been meaning to ask them about some of the issues, just been so busy on my end haha.

Yes, I'm planning to make a prequel-sequel type of thing with similar mechanics, and with the other characters being playable.  Camera perspective might also go behind the shoulder to show off Godot's 3D features, but I haven't decided yet lol.  I feel like I might be able to also pull that off from the 3/4 perspective it's in now, we'll see :)

I'd like a taste of 3D Godot also!  I've seen some examples though, like or the new official 3D demo, but haven't seen much in the way of 3D Zelda or the like.  That would be closest to what I'm doing I think. 

I have another 3D Godot game I'm making to work on mechanics for a larger project, but after that I might start up the prequel-sequel so stay tuned for that!  :)

Your replies are in-depth and very helpful feedback, so thanks so much for it!  I appreciate you taking the time to write all this out.

I admittedly haven't tested this game enough on Linux, so you probably found more bugs! I shouldn't be happy about that lol but good to know controller input isn't reponsive there. Then again, you're the first to bring up the game having such catastrophic controller issues on might be your distribution getting in the way there, possibly.  I've had many an issue with certain distros over others with regard to controller input haha. 

As for the controller icon labels matching, yeah I never fully fleshed out a system for that, so my controller detection is probably very crude.  It involved hard-coding statements for which controller would be plugged in, and I didn't account for other OSs to parse the device names differently.  Lesson learned!  Your description of the mother dying is so sad by the way, what a horrible way to go :( lol.

Regarding the menu input issue, I did indeed fix it and test it in both Windows and Ubuntu Linux, using both controller and keyboard, so I'm unsure why it's still not working for you, sorry.  If you want, you can let me know what Linux distro and controller you're using and I can see if I can replicate it.  Any controller that isn't a PS4 or Xbox or iBuffalo controller has not been tested yet, just due to my packed schedule lol.

Yeah I've been meaning to get in touch with the community, but again, packed schedule.  Definitely not a bad idea though, thanks for bringing it up! :)

Yeah I was trying to get the dedicated "2D Light" node provided by Godot to work in a 3/4 perspective, as is the final product. However it looks like it's meant for directly overhead top-down views.  So, I had to wing it by using another type of 2D texture light and overlaying that to get the effect I was looking for (with the light "shining through" objects).  If you or anyone's used Godot and has tips for that I'm all ears haha.

Glad to hear the fun was there, but also that it was too easy sometimes.  The difficulty was a concern of mine going into the final stretch as I was running out of time to fine-tune, so it definitely could use some improvement there.  Same with level layouts to compensate.  Thanks for that feedback :)

Thanks so much for playing!  Glad you enjoyed it :)

The music took a while to compose, because I was going for something I could easily work into the other scenes outside of the gameplay.  Good to hear that what I came up with worked lol.  If you need SFX like what I used, Audioblocks is a great resource (that's where I got mine), that and the incomparable FreeSound

The lighting was really tricky also, as I had to get just the right fall-off and couldn't use the built-in lighting.  If I ever bring this to 3D that will be easier.

All that said, what did you think of the gameplay in terms of fun factor and difficulty?

Hello everyone!

Hope the jam's off to a great start for you all.  My project is a mechanics-preview of sorts for a larger tennis-RPG (there's the HYBRID theme haha). This project will be not necessarily a vertical slice, but more of a bite-sized tutorial sequence for the larger one, in concept.

I'm a designer/okay scripter looking for experienced Godot scripters, 3D asset creators, and perhaps another designer to help iron things out. Reply here or check out my team page on Crowdforge if interested:


Wow, great to hear that people are recommending the game to others! Also thanks for doing a video for it 🙂

Awesome! Thanks for the video and for giving it a shot!

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Thanks for the details!  I think I've fixed the menu input issue, now your choices should register input as expected.  Note, the fix is currently live on Windows only, as I have yet to make the builds for Mac and Linux containing said fix (long story haha).

As for the layouts being procedurally generated...nooooot exactly :D If you memorize where each spawn for the bats is you can have the upper hand, but the mazes are so winding that may prove difficult :) However, there are actually a finite amount of them!

You're very welcome!  Thanks for your kind words and for playing the games as you have :D Stay tuned as we have some big stuff coming down the road for our major project!

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Hello Maxime,

To address your points:

Which controller are you using? Admittedly, i never got around to making sure more than a few controllers were supported.  The ones i tested with were a PS4 controller and Xbox 360 generic controller input (that of the official controller and xinput emulators on Windows).  The menus do work with those controllers; their keys are bound to menu interactions. Let me know more about your controller and I'll see what I can do!

As for continue and restart not working, not sure why that's the case as they have before.  I'll see if there's a new build I can push with fixes.

As for the bats, their speed is the point :) if you keep walking perpendicular to their path (90 degree angle) you should be able to pass by them without issue, though some placements are meant to catch you off guard.

Thanks for playing!

Great!  Thanks for playing :D

Ah I see...I'm going to assume pressing Spacebar did nothing then in that case? That is the current default binding for confirmation.  I can push a build with the enter button as another option to confirm. 

Hey, thanks for trying it out! 

Could you elaborate on what you're pressing, and whether you're using a controller?  I can use arrow keys and spacebar to interact with the buttons fine in a Kubuntu VM.

I want to read it but I am unable to scroll through the embedded portion :( maybe add a fullscreen button in the game's settings on Itch?

Hey everyone! If you're experiencing any strange behavior or bugs, report them here and I'll see what I can do. Thanks!  

Please try to stick to this format:

- Type: Gameplay, UI, etc.
- Version: i.e. v1.0.0
- What's Happening: This is where you can describe to me in as much detail as you can what's happening when the bug occurs.

Thanks for playing!

Hey everyone!

Life REALLY has a way of drawing your attention.  Yes I know that's a bit against the spirit of this jam, but hey; sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  Over the course of the last months I've been whittling away at and finally getting my entry up to the scope I had for it in my head; I'm proud of the results but I'd love to know what you all think!

You can check out The Labyrinthine Night here:

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Thanks for playing!  Glad you enjoyed it.  The control choice was part of the theme of "Growing Up".

When I first played PC games when I was younger I would play any classic style platformers with K and L as analogues to B and A on an NES, since "arrow keys + z/x" felt, and still feels, really weird to me.  Similarly, F and H were always "Select" and "Start" for me.  If this was any other jam theme I most definitely would have gone with Space as I agree it's more intuitive of a control for "accept" or "do".  Maybe I went a bit too hard on the theme relevance lol.

Glad you liked the art!  I'll take credit for manipulating the assets and laying them out, but finalbossblues' asset pack is the real hero there.  Also Kenney's KenPixel Nova font from his first asset pack, so good!

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Yep, that would be the DPI  scaling issue I mention in the Install Instructions section, if you're on Windows.  Not sure how to solve it on other platforms yet as my current main platform is Windows. Following the steps there should solve the problem if Windows is your OS, if not, changing your DPI scaling settings in your OS should solve it there.

Thanks a ton for doing a video on it though, glad you liked it! The confusion is more or less intended :) WarioWare was big on that.

Very interesting combination of "step on the tiles in sequence" mechanics from games like Zelda: Link's Awakening, "hot/cold" balancing, and item collection.  Integrating the theme into your mechanics went well here, the sound effects were humorous but helped me "get" what I was supposed to be doing.

Reminded me a lot of those old "step on the tiles in sequence" puzzles in certain tile-based adventure games back in the day, like The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX.  In that there were "color dungeons" with a similar mechanic.

Outstanding entry.  The music really helped sell the emotion of each segment, and you nailed the concept of "growing up" in both theme relevance and scaling up of difficulty/complexity of each task.  The learning curve was a bit too steep for me at times, but that's how it is growing up.  Great job on this!

Thanks, means a lot!  Can't wait to make some more, I'm feeling inspired!

Check out mine over here.

I'm assuming all the usual NaNo rules apply, just that the story itself should be written as a CYOA and used to make a Twine game. Is there any more clarification you can give us, BurningWoodM?

I'm using Twine 2. Snowman in that version is WAY more friendly for me, and doesn't have the time-consuming whitespace cleanup you have to do on the other formats.

Hello everyone! I was working incredibly hard on my entry for the jam, but missed the deadline due to life. I was hoping I could still at least post the link for it here to see what you all think. When I have time tomorrow I'll be playing more of the entries so I can see what submissions I've been missing out on!